MDM – WL Gore & Associates – MultiSpectral Concealment Systems


WL Gore is offering a new application of the MultiSpectral concealment technology used in the Turkey Suit we showed you last year. Now, they are offering hide systems that can be used to conceal a variety of emplacements and systems such as fighting positions and vehicles.


As you can see, the technology does a great job of concealing the user under thermal sensors (LWIR above) but it also offers visual, niR, SWIR and MWIR.

The hide systems are reversible and can be used for a variety of environments such as desert, woodland or transitional. Additionally, they can be daisy chained together to create a variety of configurations.


One Response to “MDM – WL Gore & Associates – MultiSpectral Concealment Systems”

  1. Riceball says:

    Nice! Now if they can only create a cammie netting system that would deploy itself without the hassle of setting poles and having it snag on everything including the buttons on your cammies. Just have it so it’s all packed inside the poles and it pops out at the push of a button, that would be a god send for anybody who has to regularly set up camp netting.