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AUSA – WL Gore/Raven Aerostar Turkey Suit



Awhile back we told you that WL Gore was about more than just waterproof/breathable jackets. They design and manufacture (or license to others) a wide variety of technologies. In the defense sector alone they have been a constant source of innovation in the soft goods arena. The latest examples of this are the new GORE® Multispectral Concealment Technologies and the associated NEMESIS™ line of Garments, Personal Hides & Equipment Covers, Multispectral Signature Concealment from Raven Industries. Raven Aerostar has a long relationship with WL Gore and manufactured the initial ECWCS garments back in the mid-80s so it’s no surprise to see them introduce this new technology.


Commonly referred to as the Turkey Suit due to its resemblance to the suits worn by hunters. The NEMESIS™ garment seen above features a face fabric in a developmental, proprietary WL Gore camouflage pattern. Considering they have introduced commercial hunting patterns it should be no surprise that they also have military patterns.


But the underlying technology in this material is what’s important. Quite simply, garments made from GORE® Multispectral Concealment Technologies greatly reduce the range of detection from sophisticated multi-spectral (Visual/NIR/SWIR/MWIR/LWIR) sensors.

The NEMESIS Turkey Suit is available in a broad range of military camouflage textile patterns, including Digital Desert (compatible with AOR1 and desert MARPAT), Digital Woodland (compatible with AOR2 and woodland MARPAT), and Transitional (compatible with multi-terrain patterns).

Sizes available: Small/Medium or Large/Extra Large

The garment is available for authorized users on www.gsaadvantage.gov, just search for “turkey suit”.

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18 Responses to “AUSA – WL Gore/Raven Aerostar Turkey Suit”

  1. Timmay says:

    The irony.

  2. Whiskey Hammer says:

    What is that sweet looking camo-veil in the top picture?

  3. Nate T. says:

    Color scheme kind of reminds me of the old Track Phase III from the Scorpion program back in ’02.

  4. Kemp says:

    Didn’t ze germans have a camo pattern almost identical to this one in ww2?

    • Stefan S. says:

      Not the same but close. Waffen-SS Oak Leaf pattern “Eichenlaubmuster”. But I see where you’re coming from.

  5. straps says:

    $3K. I wonder what a suit of this stuff will cost in a year…

  6. B307 says:

    I love how every company in the industry these days thinks they can build a good AR and sit behind a computer and whip up a good camo in 15 minutes on photoshop, gore has already had one big fail in the camo game with Sitka”s “Opti-FAIL” think of it as the ACU of the hunting industry from the looks of that pattern they are straight on track for failure number 2. Hey Gore, stick to what you’re good at which is materials leave the Camo Design for Companies that know what they are doing like Crye, Kryptek, and ODG.

    • Nate T. says:

      Wasn’t Optifade designed by Hyperstealth? Like it or not, they are exclusively cammo designers, though I do notice you omitted them from ‘companies who know what they’re doing.’ 😀
      Also, out of curiousity, does Optifade actively suck, or does it just stand out to humans? Seems like all the press I saw made a big deal about how deer didn’t see (or, er, not see) the same way as humans.

      • Sal says:

        IIRC they were both involved. I too am curious of B307’s accusation of its ineffectiveness.

      • B307 says:

        Nate, I wasn’t purposefully leaving Hyperstealth out, and as far as I know I don’t think Guy designed optifade but I could be wrong. When they launched the pattern a few years back they ran on this marketing platform called the “Science of Nothing” Claiming that Ungulates (Animals with Hooves) see in a black and white spectrum. How ever they never supported it with any scientific facts just a lot of high dollar marketing hype, I hunted in high alpine environments for a year with it and thought it was highly ineffective for my geographic location. When I switched back to mothwing my hunts were much more successful again. I thinks its effective above timberline in terrain dominated by talus mainly habitat for sheep and goat hunters but the second you put it in the trees or brush you stick out like a broken dick just like ACU. ODG had a good quote on face book that I think rings true “If you can fool a human eye you can fool an Elk’s eye”

  7. Clay says:

    That pattern on the knees looks great. I’d like to get more info on it. It’s similar to the modified oaklief pattern the Russians have been using.

  8. Russ Hornung says:

    Since Gore’s multispectral concealment material technology can take many forms, expect a family of personal signature products. It is available in a broad range of military camouflage textile patterns

  9. NFTO says:

    Camo pattern aside, the science behind the product has been around since 1879 – just read up on your Stefan-Boltzman law.

    As for incised textiles reducing thermal signature – it’s all been done before.

    This effectively demonstrates an organisations inability to innovate or understand the basics of high school physics – while expecting to gouge a premium price.

    Caveat emptor.!

  10. Dont Lead Em So Much says:

    You have a 3D camo design; a pretty decent blend of brown, green, tan, and a built-in hoody. This reminds me of that time I mixed my grits, and pancakes with scrambled eggs, gravy and biscuts. …It was good apart, but mix them all together and you get something entirely too…

  11. Dont Lead Em So Much says:

    …Just kidding. I think this design is great. But, the hood seems to be a little too over-built.