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MDM – ArmorWorks Protective Combat Shirt Mod2

ArmorWorks Protective Combat Shirt Mod2

First seen on SSD at SOFIC 2012, the ArmorWorks Protective Combat Shirt has evolved with new materials and a new look. The genesis of this shirt is the ArmorWorks Protective Under Garment (PUGz) first fielded by the US Marine Corps in 2011 and subsequently by select units of USSOCOM. Like the PUGz, the Protective Combat Shirt is flame resistant (FR) and designed to protect the wearer from IED blast fragmentation and associated small particle debris.

The shirt is designed and cut to provide the wearer with additional protection for all the areas not covered by PPE. As seen in the accompanying pictures, the lower abdomen, lats, arms, neck and throat are all protected by a proprietary two-layer, double-sided Kevlar knit/jersey construction (sage green material in the photos). The Kevlar knit on the outside provides the combat proven protection while the inner jersey layer provides the moisture wicking comfort.

The high v-neck zipper-less collar provides 360 degree protection around the throat and neck without the uncomfortable bulge of a zipper under your plate carrier or body armor vest. The torso and back of the shirt features a diamond shaped jacquard mesh ventilation pattern commonly seen in state-of-art sports apparel that maps directly to the heat zones of an operator wearing body armor, providing breathability and cooling where needed most. As mentioned previously, the shirt is FR throughout and features X-STATIC antimicrobial technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Whether you’re planning a short notice trip to EUCOM or you’re already ankle deep in spent brass, this is the shirt you want to have on! The Protective Combat Shirt will be on display at the Modern Day Marine, September 24-26 at ArmorWorks Enterprises booth #2003.


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