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AUSA – Weapon Tools from Ontario Knife

Monday, October 10th, 2011

The one secret we kept during and after Modern Day Marine was the new series of Weapon Tools from Ontario Knife. We saw them sitting there in Ontario’s display case and asked what they were. They resembled breaker bars or entry tools more than traditional Ontario products. Over the years we’ve seen various armorer’s tools, but there are meant for use by the actual gunner and were designed specifically for the MK 19 Grenade Machine Gun, M2 .50 Heavy Machine Gun and M240 Machine Gun. They are parkarized and look to be very durable.

Ms Sue Green told us that the tools were, “Designed by Soldiers, for Soldiers, each tool serves to assist the operator in performing critical functions on the weapons.” She then discussed what each of the tools was designed to do. We agreed that we would present the new products here on SSD for AUSA so that they wouldn’t get lost in the crowd of MDM. As you can remember, there was a lot going on. Here is a run down of what each tool is capable of:

The MK 19 Grenade Machine Gun operator maintenance tool facilitates the daily operator functions of operating, maintaining and safely clearing the weapon. This tool provides an operator, armorer and weapons repairman an effective, time saving multi-tool that facilitates the rapid break down and clearing of the weapon. This tool’s effectiveness is compounded by the fact that use of this tool minimizes the wear and tear of the actual weapon and provides the Soldier a specifically designed multi-tool to complete the operator functions on the weapon.

The M2 tool is designed to assist the operator in setting the head space and timing and disassembling and assembling the weapon. It also significantly reduces the time it takes to set the head-space and timing and facilitates the rapid disassembly and assembly of the weapon for daily preventative maintenance and critical operator functions.

Finally, the M240 tool was designed at the request of Soldiers who’ve experience the frequent problem of hard to remove spring pins. This tool allows the operator to quickly remove a bent or defective spring pin from the weapon. It will also prevents spring pins from being bent by efficiently extracting the pin, thus eliminating undue wear and tear on the pin.

Look for our photos beginning later today. These tools will be available for your inspection at AUSA in booth #643, Ontario Knife Company.

N-Vision PVS Dual Mount

Monday, October 10th, 2011

It’s been awhile since we last mentioned N-Vision. We saw them at Modern Day Marine where they had their new Dual Mount PVS which converts two single tube AN/PVS14 night vision devices into a binocular system.

Check it, as well as other N-Vision products out at AUSA booth #3314.

MDM – Other Coverage

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Modern Day Marine is one of our favorite shows of the year and by no means were we able to cover it all. Check out this coverage from our friends at KitUp!:

Benchmade’s Newest Battle Blade Is Ready for Abuse

TAG’s New M240 Machine Gun Bag

and while the coverage didn’t originate from MDM, the Medford Knife & Tool Hammerspike was also on display

Shatter Glass Easy with Hammerspike

Additionally, Gannett’s offered The Show Scout

Finally, don’t forget Tactical Fanboy’s singular, titillating look at ballistic undergarments.

BCB Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

Even between all of us, we didn’t get it all. It was a great show. Look for additional coverage of gear we saw at MDM 2012 here on SSD.

MDM – The Pack Formerly Known as FILBE

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Propper International gave us a few minutes with this production example.



Here you can see the details of the molded waist belt.

The Pack also comes with 2 Sustainment Pouches, a Horizontal GP Pocket, and a Hydration Carrier.

Finally, there is an Assault Pack. While it can be mounted crossways on top of the pack, it is really meant as more of a stand alone item. The channels along the back (seen under the shoulder straps) are open cell foam but we are told the material used will not absorb water. Additionally, the panel loader has an assymetric 2-way zipper that opens lower on the wearer’s left side. The outer pocket features an internal mesh pocket while the main compartment also has a mesh pocket and will accommodate a radio.

MDM – A Word About FILBE

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

It seems the Marines aren’t quite so taken with the term “FILBE” (Family of Improved Load Bearing Equipment) which was used to differentiate this new external frame pack from its predecessor during the solicitation.

At MDM we heard a couple of terms being used like “Marine Corps Pack Suite” which could basically denote any old set of packs. Hopefully, they will lock something down soon. My favorite alternative was “MELBA” for Marine Enhanced Load Bearing Assembly.

FILBE or whatever it’s being called is so new that PM-ICE didn’t even have a production sample available to display. But that doesn’t mean that this program isn’t on the fast track. The fielding schedule is very aggressive with the entire run complete within 18 months at the outside. In fact, the first delivery order has already been placed.

MDM – Geissele Automatics

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

This is the first time that Geissele Automatics exhibited at MDM and they were showing their Super Select-Fire (SSF) Trigger. Designed specifically for use with automatic AR-style weapons, it is a non-adjustable combat trigger. In semi-automatic mode, the SSF performs like a match-grade two-stage trigger that allows precise and accurate trigger control. Conversely, in fully-automatic mode, the SSF performs like a single-stage trigger with a smooth, continuous trigger pull and abrupt hammer release. This trigger is in use with USSOCOM and is great for a designated marksman that will also use full-auto capability.

MDM – TenCate (MARPAT-Woodland FROG)

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

We’ve mentioned it exists and here’s a shot of the new MARPAT-Woodland variant of FROG.


It’s made from TenCate’s latest Defender-M twill fabric that offers twice the tear strength of the material used just 14 months ago.

MDM – Darn Tough Vermont ADS Tactical

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011


Darn Tough Vermont’s Extreme Cold Weather Boot Sock was chosen to fill that role by MARCORSYSCOM for the Marine Corps. Darn Tough Vermont’s socks are made from American Merino wool that offers anti-microbial protection and are inherently FR and oh so comfy. Many of their Berry compliant line (including the ECW Sock) were designed exclusively for tactical use where Darn Tough Vermont is rapidly dominating that market.

Agency or unit orders for this or any Darn Tough Vermont product can be fulfilled by ADS