AUSA – Weapon Tools from Ontario Knife

The one secret we kept during and after Modern Day Marine was the new series of Weapon Tools from Ontario Knife. We saw them sitting there in Ontario’s display case and asked what they were. They resembled breaker bars or entry tools more than traditional Ontario products. Over the years we’ve seen various armorer’s tools, but there are meant for use by the actual gunner and were designed specifically for the MK 19 Grenade Machine Gun, M2 .50 Heavy Machine Gun and M240 Machine Gun. They are parkarized and look to be very durable.

Ms Sue Green told us that the tools were, “Designed by Soldiers, for Soldiers, each tool serves to assist the operator in performing critical functions on the weapons.” She then discussed what each of the tools was designed to do. We agreed that we would present the new products here on SSD for AUSA so that they wouldn’t get lost in the crowd of MDM. As you can remember, there was a lot going on. Here is a run down of what each tool is capable of:

The MK 19 Grenade Machine Gun operator maintenance tool facilitates the daily operator functions of operating, maintaining and safely clearing the weapon. This tool provides an operator, armorer and weapons repairman an effective, time saving multi-tool that facilitates the rapid break down and clearing of the weapon. This tool’s effectiveness is compounded by the fact that use of this tool minimizes the wear and tear of the actual weapon and provides the Soldier a specifically designed multi-tool to complete the operator functions on the weapon.

The M2 tool is designed to assist the operator in setting the head space and timing and disassembling and assembling the weapon. It also significantly reduces the time it takes to set the head-space and timing and facilitates the rapid disassembly and assembly of the weapon for daily preventative maintenance and critical operator functions.

Finally, the M240 tool was designed at the request of Soldiers who’ve experience the frequent problem of hard to remove spring pins. This tool allows the operator to quickly remove a bent or defective spring pin from the weapon. It will also prevents spring pins from being bent by efficiently extracting the pin, thus eliminating undue wear and tear on the pin.

Look for our photos beginning later today. These tools will be available for your inspection at AUSA in booth #643, Ontario Knife Company.

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