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SHOT Show 18 – TAG Horizontal Shotgun Shell Strip

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

I like seeing simple solutions like this 6 shell Shotgun Shell Strip from Tactical Assault Gear.

Using vertical tabs, It wedges into place on a PALS field. Elastic keeps the shells handy, yet in place.

Available in Black, Coyote, Ranger Green and MultiCam.

Tactical Assault Gear Partners With Hope For The Warriors

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

May 11, 2017

Durham, North Carolina – TAG is championing its mission of supporting military families through its partnership with the non-profit Hope For The Warriors during the month of May.

In honor of our country’s servicemen, servicewomen, and veterans, TAG has partnered with Hope For The Warriors for Military Appreciation Month. Hope For The Warriors is a non-profit that “believes those touched by military service can succeed at home by restoring their sense of self, family, and hope.” It advances connections to community resources and provides comprehensive support programs for service members, veterans, and military families.

Hope For The Warriors’ purpose goes hand-in-hand with TAG’s mission to support military families and veterans. In honor of their shared values, TAG will be donating 10 percent of its profits during the month of May to Hope For The Warriors.

“Partnering with Hope For The Warriors in their mission to make a difference for warfighters when they return home is a natural extension of our mission,” said Jeffrey Hawting, President. “We are proud to serve the military community with products designed to make them safer and more comfortable when they are defending our country.”

TAG offers a lifetime warranty on all of its manufactured nylon products against any defects in materials or workmanship. TAG products keep warfighters safe in the line of duty, and when a soldier returns home TAG keeps that protection going with its product lifetime warranty.

TAG nylon products are all made in the USA. TAG empowers consumers to tailor their gear to any mission, as all are designed with the serious operator in mind. TAG’s lifetime warranty, products, and mission truly embody its belief in liberty and gear for all, and TAG is proud to serve as a Hope For The Warriors partner.

About Tactical Assault Gear
Since 2001, TAG® has designed, built and supplied best-in-class products for the outdoor, shooting, hunting and tactical market place. Using an excellence from experience approach, TAG hand selects every item with in-house industry experts. Whether it’s your passion or your profession, TAG® has all of the gear, equipment, clothing and tools you’ll need to perform with confidence.

Tactical Assault Gear Launches New Web Site

Friday, January 13th, 2017

We’ve got theee cool things from TAG to tell you about.

Tactical Assault Gear has launched an update to their website. In addition to TAG products, they also offer some of the most popular products from other vendors in the market.

Also, new and in stock, is their Everyday Pack. At only 19 ounces, this pack is extremely lightweight, 100% Made in America, with a Lifetime Warranty.

Molded back panel
YKK zippers
Contoured padded shoulder straps
Hydration port
Can hold 100oz. hydration bladder
Matching webbing and hardware

Small Outer Pocket: 10” W x 8”H x 2” D (160 cubic inches)
Back Panel: 13” W at the base; 12” W Center line; 9” W at the top
Main Compartment: 17.5” H x 11.5” W (avg. width of back panel) x 5” D (1000 cubic inches)
Total pack size: 1,160 cubic inches

Offered in MultiCam Arid/Coyote Tan, MultiCam Black/Ranger Green and MultiCam Tropic/Coyote Tan

Finally, at this year’s SHOT Show, TAG is giving away this American made hat. It will only be available at SHOT. Stop by booth #30311 to get yours.

Post SHOT Show Wrapup – Tactical Assault Gear

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

Tactical Assault Gear had quite a few new items for 2016. Here are some highlights.


Above is their new Padded Belt Sleeve.  This belt sleeve features custom molded foam passing and will accommodate belts up to 2″ wide.  The exterior is PALS compatible with slots every 1.75″ to allow the belt to be woven in order to expose the belt where needed.  Available in sizes XS – XL in Black, Coyote, Ranger Green and MultiCam.

This is the Mini Combat Sustainment Pack.  Available in Black, Coyote, Ranger Green and MultiCam, it offers a hydration sleeve for up to a 70 oz bladder, zippered main compartment and external zippered pouch.  Additionally, there’s an external pouch for three 30 round M4 magazines which are secured with bungee.  It incorporates PALS webbing for extra carriage.  The Mini Combat Sustainment Pack can be attached to a vest via PALS or ITW GrimLoc.   

The Quick Detach Vertical Medical Pouch incorprates the G-Code RTI wheel.  This gives a great deal of versatility as there are G-Code platforms for use with belts as well as PALS.  What’s more, it can easily be attached and detached.  Available in Black, Coyote, Ranger Green and MultiCam, there’s plenty of room for your medical supplies.


Tactical Assault Gear – Cyber Monday Sales

Monday, November 30th, 2015


TAG is running a discount of 25% on all of their 2015 Gear: Vanguards, IHVs, and Fugitives included.

Tactical Assault Gear – Vanguard Armor Carrier And Integrated Hybrid Vest

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015

We recently had the opportunity to check out two of Tactical Assault Gear’s armor carriers, the Vanguard and Integrated Hybrid Vest. Both are very well made and worth taking a look at if you’re in the market. We’re particularly impressed that TAG went the extra mile and licensed the skeletal cummerbund from Crye Precision.


Vanguard Armor Carrier

TAG’s Vanguard is a lightweight plate carrier designed to work with any set of hard armor plates and soft armor backers. It is constructed of 500D Cordura nylon, and features spacer mesh on the inside for breathability and comfort. The shoulder straps are padded, and which have nylon and elastic webbing for mounting and routing tourniquets, hydration tubes, radio antennas, and more. The Vanguard’s front panel features a sewn-in triple magazine carrier which is sized to fit 5.56mm, 7.62×39, and 7.62×51 magazines, as well as integrated PALS webbing and Velcro loop panel. The rear of the carrier also features integrated PALS webbing and Velcro loop panel, and a drag handle which can be stowed when not in use.


Additionally, the Vanguard comes with a standard Cummerbund system, although it can be exchanged for the Skeletal Cummerbund System which TAG licensed from Crye Precision; both cummerbund systems are attached to the carrier using the G Hook attachment system.

Key Features

  • Fits 5.56mm, 7.62 x 39, & 7.62 x 51 magazines
  • Interchangeable cummerbund system
  • Fully adjustable & padded shoulder straps
  • Spacer mesh for comfort & breathability
  • Large Velcro area for placards
  • All matching Velcro, webbing & hardware
  • The Vanguard is an armor carrier with quality materials and solid construction. The armor plates fit snug and secure within the plate pockets, and the spacer mesh adds some much appreciated comfort to the carrier. The kangaroo-style magazine front pouch is a nice addition, and the volume of PALS webbing throughout the carrier insures the wearer will be able to customize their carrier to virtually any necessary specification. If you’re looking for a solid carrier that does more than just carry plates, than the Vanguard is a great choice.


    Integrated Hybrid Vest (IHV)

    Like the Vanguard, The Integrated Hybrid Vest is designed to work with any set of hard armor plates and soft armor backers. It is also made of 500D Cordura nylon with spacer mesh on the inside of the carrier for breathability and comfort. Unlike the Vanguard, however, the IHV’s front panel is removable, and TAG offers multiple mission-specific panel configurations which allow the user to change their loadout as required.


    The IHV comes standard with the Skeletal Cummerbund System, licensed from Crye Precision, which is adjustable using the G Hook attachment system. It also features padded and adjustable shoulder straps, which have nylon and elastic webbing for mounting and routing tourniquets, hydration tubes, radio antennas, and more. The front and back of the IHV has PALS webbing and Velcro loop panel, and the rear features a drag handle.


    The armor pockets on the IHV are closed with a zipper, and feature a Velcro retention strap.

    Key Features

  • Comes with the Skeletal cummerbund
  • Removable front panel system
  • Ultra configurable for different missions
  • Fits any type of hard armor plate
  • Matching Velcro, webbing and hardware
  • You can tell that a lot of thought and care went into the development of the Integrated Hybrid Vest. It utilizes high quality materials in its construction, and everything is solidly built. The G Hook adjustment system is quick and painless to use, and although we didn’t have a chance to try out the swappable panel system, in theory it’s a great idea for quickly altering the carrier for different mission profiles. Add in the additional PALS webbing, the padded shoulder straps, and the spacer mesh, and you have a great carrier that will serve well in almost any situation.

    Tactical Assault Gear – Memorial Day Sale

    Friday, May 22nd, 2015

    TAG Memorial Day Sale

    This Memorial Day, May 25th, Tactical Assault Gear is holding a 1-day only promotional price for both the standard and skeletal Vanguard plate carriers, selling either for only $199.99. No coupon code required.

    SOFIC 2015 – Federal Resources / TAG Bump – Cover for Ops-Core Bump Helmet

    Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

    The Ops-Core Maritime Bump helmet is very popular for non ballistic head protection but it is invariable worn in cold-wet conditions.  Users asked Tactical Assault Gear to build them a lightweight helmet cover.  


    Fully seam sealed, it’s attached via self-sticking Velcro strips that can be adhered to the helmet.


    Offered in Green, Coyote and Black from soon. Available for agency and unit purchase from Federal Resources.