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MDM – The Pack Formerly Known as FILBE

Propper International gave us a few minutes with this production example.



Here you can see the details of the molded waist belt.

The Pack also comes with 2 Sustainment Pouches, a Horizontal GP Pocket, and a Hydration Carrier.

Finally, there is an Assault Pack. While it can be mounted crossways on top of the pack, it is really meant as more of a stand alone item. The channels along the back (seen under the shoulder straps) are open cell foam but we are told the material used will not absorb water. Additionally, the panel loader has an assymetric 2-way zipper that opens lower on the wearer’s left side. The outer pocket features an internal mesh pocket while the main compartment also has a mesh pocket and will accommodate a radio.

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3 Responses to “MDM – The Pack Formerly Known as FILBE”

  1. Aaron says:

    that waist strap blows…

  2. Administrator says:

    Used it yet? I haven’t, although we may have one to work with in a few weeks.

  3. Aaron says:

    Haven’t actually but it looks like almost the exact same one on my MOLLE Ruck. Shoulders look good though.