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Wednesday, September 28th, 2011


Looking for an alternative to the old UDT shorts? So were USN Rescue Swimmers. They started cutting the legs off of their DRIFIRE 2 piece flight suit. DRIFIRE saw this and worked with the SAR Swimmers to develop a Board Short that was optimized for their use. In addition to the more functional longer legs, the Board Shorts also have simple flat cargo pockets as well as a simplified Velcro closure and elasticized waistband with an articulated waist. The double seat also increases durability. Oh, did we mention that they’re also FR?

MDM – Camelbak

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Camelbak serves as a sub-contractor to the primes for new Marine Corps Pack Suite after the mil-spec Antidote was chosen as the hydration system.

It features a wide opening mouth into a low profile, 100 oz baffled reservoir with a quick disconnect tube. The low profile cap requires just a quarter turn and can’t be over tightened to help mitigate leaks from breakage.

A commercial version should be available in exchanges beginning Spring 2012.

MDM – Propper International

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Propper International is one of the companies chosen to build FILBE for the USMC. Here is the Assault Pack. It features an asymmetric zipper for the main compartment.




Look for photos of the full pack soon.

MDM – MMI Outdoor

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

The Armadillo from MMI Outdoor is a further improvement over their popular Improved Bed Net System issued by Army and Marine Corps.


With the Armadillo, the fly is suspended from a single pole mounted fore to aft. Additionally, there are access points on both sides. This gives you a double wall individual shelter with full bug net coverage at just under 3 lbs.


MDM – CTC Defense

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

CTC Defense has developed the SFL-100 Low Light Aiming Laser for use with the Nammo Talley M72 series of LAW rockets. Available in Red and IR laser (with Green coming soon). This aiming device has been shown to increase night time hits by 20%.


New LAWs are coming with the mount you see here. Take a look at the cams at the aft end of the mount. These are machined to coincide with the type of round and the range settings on the SFL-100. This is because different variants of the M72 have different ballistic properties. These mounts can also be retrofitted on to existing rounds.


The SFL-100 is removable and can used over and over. Powered by a single AA battery, it can be had for under $250.

MDM – Elite Defense

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Elite Defense is repping a new lightweight ballistic shield for uniformed LEOs from Citadel Defense. As you know, this has become a terrible year for officer fatalities, with many being shot in the face and neck.


Designed to stop low velocity handgun rounds, it available in four sizes from an 8lbs shield all the way to a large 20 lbs shield. It includes a 1200 lumens light to disorient an unruly subject. Also available is a camera attachment to collect a record of any incidents.

It’s not designed for use with every traffic stop but rather for times when the “spidey sense” kicks in. However, the larger shields have been employed by individual officers during drug raids while checking confined spaces such as attics and crawl spaces when their heads are most vulnerable.


Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Lots of troops love XGO’s Phase 4 thermal pant but didn’t like the bulkiness when they tried to tuck the legs into their boots. So XGO came up with an innovative solution. Now, on the Phase 4 pant, just below the knee, they have integrated a more lightweight fabric from the Phase 3 pant. The insulation isn’t missed due to the boots but the comfort is there.


Additionally, XGO has introduced a sleeveless compression shirt after calls for a lightweight garment that won’t bind in the shoulder area. Think of it as your grandaddy’s wife beater but for the 21st century.


Finally, XGO now has a moisture wicking ball cap. As with all XGO garments, these are Made in USA.


MDM – Forceprotector Gear ADS Tactical

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

In developing the new Marauder System, FPG built on their theme of innovating legacy equipment. Initially, they reimagined the old footlocker and green duffle bag into a modern, compartmented wheeled bag called the Deployer. Ultimately, the Deployer replaced the Marine sea bag.


Next, they developed the ThermaShield to replace legacy items like the poncho and shelter half. However, ThermaShield also provides unique capabilities in both hot and cold environments utilizing heat reflective fabrics. Not can you use it to shelter personnel but also critical equipment. Additionally, it can also be used to help prevent shock in casualties.




Here you can see a comparison between the old shelter half, designed in the Civil War (!) and the ThermaShield. It’s also 7″ wider and 22″ longer than a poncho.


But that wasn’t enough, so FPG took the next step and came up with the Marauder. The idea is that when a Soldier leaves the wire, everything he has is carried on his back. FPG integrated a stowable ground pad component into the Marauder. This closed cell foam pad can be pulled out when needed for sleep or long-term occupation of a patrol base. Additionally, it can be detached for other uses such as PT, vehicle maintenance, etc.



The Marauder is a top loader as well as a back loader meaning that, you can get to the contents through a progressive set of flaps that allow access initially to the ground pad and next to the actual contents of the bag.

Look for more in-depth information on the Marauder System from FPG soon.

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