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FPG Wheeled Bags

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

John Carswell of ForceProtector Gear goes over the features of the FPG Wheeled Deployment Bag. This system was on display at Warrior West.


MDM – Forceprotector Gear ADS Tactical

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

In developing the new Marauder System, FPG built on their theme of innovating legacy equipment. Initially, they reimagined the old footlocker and green duffle bag into a modern, compartmented wheeled bag called the Deployer. Ultimately, the Deployer replaced the Marine sea bag.


Next, they developed the ThermaShield to replace legacy items like the poncho and shelter half. However, ThermaShield also provides unique capabilities in both hot and cold environments utilizing heat reflective fabrics. Not can you use it to shelter personnel but also critical equipment. Additionally, it can also be used to help prevent shock in casualties.




Here you can see a comparison between the old shelter half, designed in the Civil War (!) and the ThermaShield. It’s also 7″ wider and 22″ longer than a poncho.


But that wasn’t enough, so FPG took the next step and came up with the Marauder. The idea is that when a Soldier leaves the wire, everything he has is carried on his back. FPG integrated a stowable ground pad component into the Marauder. This closed cell foam pad can be pulled out when needed for sleep or long-term occupation of a patrol base. Additionally, it can be detached for other uses such as PT, vehicle maintenance, etc.



The Marauder is a top loader as well as a back loader meaning that, you can get to the contents through a progressive set of flaps that allow access initially to the ground pad and next to the actual contents of the bag.

Look for more in-depth information on the Marauder System from FPG soon.


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