SIG MMG 338 Program Series

MDM – CTC Defense

CTC Defense has developed the SFL-100 Low Light Aiming Laser for use with the Nammo Talley M72 series of LAW rockets. Available in Red and IR laser (with Green coming soon). This aiming device has been shown to increase night time hits by 20%.


New LAWs are coming with the mount you see here. Take a look at the cams at the aft end of the mount. These are machined to coincide with the type of round and the range settings on the SFL-100. This is because different variants of the M72 have different ballistic properties. These mounts can also be retrofitted on to existing rounds.


The SFL-100 is removable and can used over and over. Powered by a single AA battery, it can be had for under $250.

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