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Lots of troops love XGO’s Phase 4 thermal pant but didn’t like the bulkiness when they tried to tuck the legs into their boots. So XGO came up with an innovative solution. Now, on the Phase 4 pant, just below the knee, they have integrated a more lightweight fabric from the Phase 3 pant. The insulation isn’t missed due to the boots but the comfort is there.


Additionally, XGO has introduced a sleeveless compression shirt after calls for a lightweight garment that won’t bind in the shoulder area. Think of it as your grandaddy’s wife beater but for the 21st century.


Finally, XGO now has a moisture wicking ball cap. As with all XGO garments, these are Made in USA.


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One Response to “MDM – XGO”

  1. Lawrence says:

    Someone should invent a ball cap where the bill is a built-in coolant system that circulates heat and sweat away from your forehead and re-circulates coolness back…