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Darley Defense Days – MMI / Catoma

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016

MMI / Catoma has been working in thermal camouflage for quite awhile. Their DEPSOC360 camouflage not only offers a variety of colorways for different environments, but also thermal signature protection as their Thermal Shroud Technology.

This is the Individual Concealment System Kit. It includes a 5’x8′ Thermal Shroud, 5’x8′ Visual Only Camo Net, 8 stakes, 2 shock-corded poles and a compression sack.

There are also versions for vehicles including the Polaris MRZR.  Specifications available to qualified customers.

SOFIC 2016 – MMI Outdoor Announces Re-Introduction Of Catoma Brand

Friday, May 20th, 2016


At SOFIC 2016, MMI Outdoor is re-introducing their Catoma Adventure Shelters brand as Catoma and extending the product line to include all products designed and manufactured under their watch. If you’re attending SOFIC, you can find Catoma at Booth #238 on the main floor. Thermal Concealment, unique load carriage products, and Depsoc360 camouflage will now fall under the Catoma brand in addition to the individual tents that have been a staple in the military shelter market for well over a decade. The Improved BedNet System family of products – now given the name “Burrow IBNS” because of its shape and function – is a pop-up bug screen and tent system sold to the US Military to the tune of over 300,000 units.


The Catoma Adventure Shelters brand – under the MMI Outdoor parent company umbrella – was created in 1993 as a humble designer and importer of rugged tents to serve the brave firefighters on the front lines of wildland forest fires in the American West. The method of designing tents to serve the specific needs of elite users began there. Through growth over the last two decades, Catoma has become a leading provider of unique individual tents for the United States Armed Forces as well, founded on their willingness to design around the requests of their end users.

With close proximity to Fort Benning for testing and input, this design and testing protocol naturally led to opportunities outside the tent market, leading MMI to begin Research and Development on a number of military projects over the last decade. Close collaboration with training elements under the guidance of Director of Sales, Martin Lambert (Former US Army) – and his extensive contact with the Special Operations community – led to the development of unique sniper and reconnaissance-focused thermal concealment products whose capabilities remain unmatched to date. A defense manufacturing and sales partnership with Granite Gear eventually led MMI to venture into designing their own unique load carriage solutions, leading to considerable expansion of in-house design capabilities. Near-daily indexing with end user groups for testing and evaluation has given MMI unique insight into their products and how they are used.


An aging tent line on the Catoma front and newfound capability to design and manufacture product led to the necessity to consolidate the efforts. A re-facing of the Catoma brand began with a focus on the rugged, tactical nature of the products coming from the design program at MMI. The new Catoma logo you see here is not just a cosmetic change, but one that better reflects the warrior heritage of the products themselves. “In developing the icon for Catoma, we kept coming back to imagery of tools and weapons used by warriors of the past: Spartan helmets, Native American spearheads, and battle axes of the Viking Age were all inspirations for the shape,” says Marketing Director Jake Pugh.

An overhaul of existing products and the addition of products previously in development have resulted in a strong tactical and commercial line-up for the Catoma brand to begin its new chapter.

Darley Defense Days – MMI Outdoor’s Naga Hood

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

In development for the past six years, MMI Outdoor’s Naga Hood is a Thermal and Visual Concealment Hood made from a laser cut mesh that has relief cuts to better resemble foliage in the visual spectrum.   
The two-sided Naga Hood is custom printed based on use requirements, they can apply self-developed or user-provided Camo patterns to either side.  It is set up to be attached to an Ops-Core helmet and draped over the wearer’s torso but it can be used a variety of ways thanks to various attachment loops including their hidden MOLLE points.  There are also points for attaching scrim or foliage directly to the Naga Hood which is 64″ long and 28″ wide.

In addition to the Naga Hood, MMI has also developed covers for HMMWVs, Quads and even Zodiac boats.

MMI Outdoor – Year End Clearance Sale

Friday, May 2nd, 2014


MMI Outdoor is selling select apparel, gear, and leisure items from last season’s collection at 40-50% off regular price. While supplies last.

Use code MMIFACEBOOK at checkout.

Darley Defense Days – MMI Outdoor

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014


Developed using input from SOF customers, MMI’s RD Dump Pouch is made from 330D Cordura and Tweave stretch fabric. It utilizes MMI’s proprietary, fast opening RD – Rapid Deployment technology, and is designed for one hand operation – opening and closing. Holds up to six 30-round 5.56 magazines, with an elastic retention flap that keeps the contents from spilling out during use. Additionally, the elastic retention flap is field repairable.

Available in Coyote, MultiCam, AOR1, and AOR2.

SHOT Show – MMI Outdoor – MAG Pack Update

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

Last spring we introduced you to the MAG Pack by MMI Outdoor. Designed as an AG pack for the for the M240 machine gun, the MAG Pack accommodates 6 each 100 round ammo trays for belted 7.62 as well as a spare barrel quiver. The base platform of the system is the patented Granite Gear CHIEF Patrol Frame which is in use with USSOCOM. Over the past several months, testing has produced an entirely revamped exterior flap as well as a couple of other upgrades. The system shown below is configured for 2 man gun teams, although it is convertible for standard 3 man gun teams.

Additional Features Include:
-M192 tripod storage
-(2) Cleaning rod storage slots
-Auxiliary pocket fits (2) MRE’s
-Hydration storage for (1) 100 oz. bladder

Revamped Flap

MAG Pack - Revamped Flap

Cleaning Rod Storage Slots Open

MAG Pack - Cleaning Rod Storage Slots Open

Water Bladder Storage at Bottom

MAG Pack - Water bladder storage at bottom

Auxiliary Storage Open

MAG Pack - Auxiliary storage open

System Deployed

MAG Pack - System deployed

MultiCam and Coyote available, AOR1 and AOR2 (Contract Only)

Outdoor Retailer – MMI Outdoor

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

The new RD Dump Pouch is designed to hold up to 6 5.56 30 round mags or 3 7.62 20 round mags, but thanks to the Tweave construction you can fit more in there.


Notice the guides. They are meant to help the shooter ensure he hits the mouth of the dump pouch. The mouth also incorporates elastic to ensure the mags stay inside the pouch.

MMI Outdoor Grenade Launcher Holster System

Friday, March 29th, 2013

In addition to the MAG pack we saw last week at the GRF Expo sponsored by Darley Defense, MMI Outdoor also showed us their patent pending M320 Grenade Launcher Holster System.


Developed in response to a need from the field for a tough and intuitive way to carry the M320, the complete M320 Grenade Launcher Holster System consists of the M320 Grenade Launcher Holster, Weapon Leash, and War Belt. In addition to being offered as a kit, all pieces of the system are available separately if needed by end users. This product does not have an NSN.


The M320 Grenade Launcher Holster (GLH) is a semi-rigid, open-topped holster. The weapon slides into place and is secured by a self locking trigger guard clip (seen below). Secondary retention is available with an elastic tubular webbing top strap and side release buckle featuring MMI’s G-tab. the G-tab is a proprietary webbing extension that allows for easy closure of the buckle even when the user is wearing gloves. The completely open top allows any standard optics to be attached to the M320 and still fit easily into the holster. The trigger guard clip is easily field replaceable with a single screw in the unlikely event of breakage in the field. MOLLE allows the GLH to be attached anywhere based on user preference.


The Weapon Leash is a single point harness for an M320. The user can simply girth hitch the loop end of the leash onto their chest rig or harness at a point that is comfortable for them. ITW’s MASH hook at the opposite end allows for easy attachment of the leash to the rear of the grenade launcher. This allows the weapon to be used accurately and safely without the buttstock offering considerable weight savings.


The final piece to this capability is the MMI Outdoor War Belt. It is a combination of an outer MOLLE belt and an inner rigger’s belt creating a supplemental load carriage system. The MOLLE belt is contoured to fit natural motion and add lumbar support to help reduce fatigue on a long movement much like a weight lifter’s belt. The rigger’s belt allows the system to fit waist sizes from 30 to 40 inches and securely hold the load in place.