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MMI Outdoor Grenade Launcher Holster System

In addition to the MAG pack we saw last week at the GRF Expo sponsored by Darley Defense, MMI Outdoor also showed us their patent pending M320 Grenade Launcher Holster System.


Developed in response to a need from the field for a tough and intuitive way to carry the M320, the complete M320 Grenade Launcher Holster System consists of the M320 Grenade Launcher Holster, Weapon Leash, and War Belt. In addition to being offered as a kit, all pieces of the system are available separately if needed by end users. This product does not have an NSN.


The M320 Grenade Launcher Holster (GLH) is a semi-rigid, open-topped holster. The weapon slides into place and is secured by a self locking trigger guard clip (seen below). Secondary retention is available with an elastic tubular webbing top strap and side release buckle featuring MMI’s G-tab. the G-tab is a proprietary webbing extension that allows for easy closure of the buckle even when the user is wearing gloves. The completely open top allows any standard optics to be attached to the M320 and still fit easily into the holster. The trigger guard clip is easily field replaceable with a single screw in the unlikely event of breakage in the field. MOLLE allows the GLH to be attached anywhere based on user preference.


The Weapon Leash is a single point harness for an M320. The user can simply girth hitch the loop end of the leash onto their chest rig or harness at a point that is comfortable for them. ITW’s MASH hook at the opposite end allows for easy attachment of the leash to the rear of the grenade launcher. This allows the weapon to be used accurately and safely without the buttstock offering considerable weight savings.


The final piece to this capability is the MMI Outdoor War Belt. It is a combination of an outer MOLLE belt and an inner rigger’s belt creating a supplemental load carriage system. The MOLLE belt is contoured to fit natural motion and add lumbar support to help reduce fatigue on a long movement much like a weight lifter’s belt. The rigger’s belt allows the system to fit waist sizes from 30 to 40 inches and securely hold the load in place.



3 Responses to “MMI Outdoor Grenade Launcher Holster System”

  1. Wilhelm says:

    Interesting…how much does this holster run someone?

  2. Wilson, Jacob says:

    My name is Pfc. Wilson i am currently overseas right now an i am a M320 gunner an i have been looking for a holster system that would work an i came across the one on ur website here an was wondering if either you need it field tested or were i could please purchase one because i am Very Interested in one. My email is jacob102289@yahoo.com i hope to hear back.
    Thank You, Pfc. Wilson