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Darley GRF Expo – MMI Outdoor

MMI Outdoor displayed their MAG Pack for use with the M240 machine gun. It comes mounted to a Granite Gear Chief Flatbed frame and is comprised of multiple components designed for use with the gun.


In this configuration there are 6 each 100 round ammo trays for belted 7.62 as well as a spare barrel quiver. Quivers are offered for the Bravo Model as well as the shorter Lime Model barrel.


The trays are made from glass filled nylon for durability and use a PALS attachment to attach to the pack.


Once the tray runs dry the new belt moves smoothly over the open flap.


The spare barrel quiver will withstand up to 1800 degrees. Additionally, you can attach your tools via PALS to the inside of the quiver for ready access and transport.

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2 Responses to “Darley GRF Expo – MMI Outdoor”

  1. Will Romes says:

    I met their designers out at the Maneuver Conference at Ft. Benning last fall. Really great dudes… looks like a really well thought out system.

  2. chris says:

    wow. as a brit inf. gunner i could only dream of getting one of these! good work whoever designed this