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SHOT Show – MMI Outdoor – MAG Pack Update

Last spring we introduced you to the MAG Pack by MMI Outdoor. Designed as an AG pack for the for the M240 machine gun, the MAG Pack accommodates 6 each 100 round ammo trays for belted 7.62 as well as a spare barrel quiver. The base platform of the system is the patented Granite Gear CHIEF Patrol Frame which is in use with USSOCOM. Over the past several months, testing has produced an entirely revamped exterior flap as well as a couple of other upgrades. The system shown below is configured for 2 man gun teams, although it is convertible for standard 3 man gun teams.

Additional Features Include:
-M192 tripod storage
-(2) Cleaning rod storage slots
-Auxiliary pocket fits (2) MRE’s
-Hydration storage for (1) 100 oz. bladder

Revamped Flap

MAG Pack - Revamped Flap

Cleaning Rod Storage Slots Open

MAG Pack - Cleaning Rod Storage Slots Open

Water Bladder Storage at Bottom

MAG Pack - Water bladder storage at bottom

Auxiliary Storage Open

MAG Pack - Auxiliary storage open

System Deployed

MAG Pack - System deployed

MultiCam and Coyote available, AOR1 and AOR2 (Contract Only)


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11 Responses to “SHOT Show – MMI Outdoor – MAG Pack Update”

  1. Kaos-1 says:

    I spent 7 years in the infantry, did 3 tours in Iraq . Never once did we do this “gun team” stuff you speak of, let alone a “3 man gun team”. Getting stuck with the 240 was more of a “paper,scissors,rock” game. Who ever had the 240 would carry 400 rds and everybody except the RTO and the doc would get a single belt to carry.

    • Kaos-1 says:

      And who in the hell carries a tripod around with them ?????

      • Terry says:


        No matter how many tours you had, as mac and majrod point out…if your unit used rock paper scissors to randomly select who was going to have to carry the m240 then you and your leaders didn’t have a clue about how to effectively use a MG in combat. And shame on those small unit leaders for apparently not knowing any better.

    • Mac says:

      Funny, we did it in 173rd. Of course we also ran a Machine Gun Leader’s Course so that gun teams and weapons squads were properly trained and could actually execute the gun team job. Of course Iraq and Afghanistan are different beasts. Just because you didn’t do it in one theater doesn’t mean it wasn’t done in the other. What you describe is what was done when I was in a mech unit in Iraq. PCS to the Herd and things were done differently, for different, and justifiable reasons.

      • majrod says:

        Agree Mac. Saw the same thing happen in the 80’s when I went from the 101st to the 3AD. Generally there is less emphasis on the M240 in mech units because of the comparative plethora of combat power.

        In all honesty though there are light units that pay poor to little attention to the basics and fieldcraft. Both in Mech units and light it’s a failure in leadership. The worse part is young soldiers think it’s right because they know no better.

        Very disturbing…

    • Martin says:

      Kaos-1, It was made to carry exactly what the end users specified. We really had to work for the tripod part as that wasn’t on the first several versions but we finally got the one they wanted. So far in pretty extensive field trials with a variety of units (Mostly light units in fairness) the guys have liked it a lot. We have received our first unit orders and all from units that have tried it.

  2. Attack7 says:

    1988-1989 I was an Airborne Qualified J-Series Mechanized 5th ID private carrying an M60 and tripod, alone = FAIL. But I didn’t know this until a year later when I PCSd to 2 ID and was tested by Light NCOs from the 7th, 25th, new 10th Mtn, 82nd, 75th RGR, and 101st. I remember I couldn’t answer the question about classes of fire in relation to the enemy, nor could I execute it on the gun. This was my first lesson that not all NCOs or units are committed to being good at what they do because all the E4s from Regiment, Rakkasans, Bragg, and the Manchu’s were smoking the airborne wings off my ass the first two weeks. They knew the weapon squad cold, they knew the gun. They were light years ahead of me. An MGLCd Weapon squad can perform excellently during the most complex Support-by-Fire, and can modify itself down to a two man gun team for the GWOT. An untrained squad can only do the latter, the easiest task in the military (to do nothing doctrinally or military, but make it up and call it combat experience). Which is what those NCOs were doing back in 1988, nothing doctrinal, just making it up. 173rd, yep, we conducted MGLC after OEF VI and it made a huge difference! MMI continues to close the capability gap!

  3. Jon Meyer says:

    This would have been nice to have on my last deployment. It was hell being an AG carrying 800rnds of 7.62, a PAS-13 w/ extra batteries, a tripod, a spare barrel w/bag & those thick nomex gloves, MBITR w/ extra batteries etc.; all that on top of my regular rifleman setup. Now I have lower back issues for the rest of my life. I was brainstorming a bag very similar to this one. Looks like a great piece of kit to have. Too bad the military would never issue something like this and most units wouldn’t set funds aside for acquiring them. There are exceptions though.

    • Jon Meyer says:

      By the way I was mech-infantry and we did it. I don’t know how you spend 7 years in the infantry and have know idea how a gun team is operated. I guess someone never picked up a 7-8 aka the “infantry mans bible”.