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Darley Defense Days 19 – DFND Shield Hooded Sun Shirt

Friday, May 10th, 2019

Offered in a variety of colors including Coyote, the lightweight polyester Sun Shirt is Moisture Wicking and Antimicrobial with 50+ SPF protection. It incorporates a hood, thumbholes and zippered chest pocket.

DFND clothing is available for unit and agency orders through Darley Defense.

Darley Defense Days 19 – M9A1 Light Equipped Holster from Military Hardware

Friday, May 10th, 2019

Manufactured by CJP Custom Concealment for Military Hardware in response to requirements for a level 2 holster for M9A1 pistol’s equipped with SureFire X300 lights.

As you can see, it can be configured for use with the G-Code RTI system.

Military Hardware products are available for unit and agency orders through Darley Defense.

Darley Defense Days 19 – New Grey Ghost Assault Back Panels

Friday, May 10th, 2019

Grey Ghost Gear is set to introduce a new laser cut armor carrier as well as three new Assault Back Panels.

The packs are compatible with back panel zipper equipped Grey Ghost armor carriers as well as Crye Precision carriers.

They also plan to introduce a two-piece PALS compatible adapter which will mount zippers to existing armor carriers.

Grey Ghost Gear and Tactical Tailor equipment is available for unit and agency orders through Darley Defense.

Darley Defense Days 19 – The Punch Hammer From Chameleon Solutions

Friday, May 10th, 2019

Behold the glory of The Punch Hammer!

I spoke with designer Martin Lambert, himself a former paratrooper and founder of Chameleon Solutions.

I originally designed this tool for some of my sniper customers. They were having trouble with noise security while setting up hide sites in high threat areas. Building those things is essentially construction work, sometimes including using a hammer and nails. The high pitched metal on metal sound carries a very long way. In addition, they often have to modify existing structures and using a normal crowbar can also be really noisy. I needed a hammer and crowbar that would be extremely lightweight and relatively small made of something that would reduce noise in normal use. Brass knuckles have a great grip and while you don’t get the long lever effect of full-sized hammers or pry bars the open construction of that style also would help to reduce weight. We added the spade and modifed the top so you can grip it in a way to do some digging for things like cat holes or buying sensors/demo rather than fighting positions that would require a full sized shovel.

With the Punch Hammer, you can hammer, dig, and pry. Granted, it’s not going to replace every piece of equipment for some applications. However, it’s inexpensive and lightweight, meaning it can be issued to more personnel. Plus, it’s more quiet than other tools.

One of the ways CDS was able to shed weight in their DZSO kit was by replacing the 5 lbs sledge hammer with the 5 oz Punch Hammer. Expect it to be the most pilfered item in the kit.

Chameleon Solutions products are available for unit and agency orders through Darley Defense.

Darley Defense Days 19 – DZSO Kit from Combat Defense Systems

Friday, May 10th, 2019

Assembled by CDS for airborne units, this Drop Zone Safety Officer kit can be customized based upon a specific requirement. For example, this kit is destined for use by an SF batallion so it contains extra sets of the Core Survival ACL-500 series Airborne Caution Light which provide portable aircraft jump lights. Not only can these be used to make mock door training even more realistic, but they can be configured in non-standard aircraft for airborne operations.

It could also be adopted by units from any service as well as units with Pathfinders who rely upon aerial delivery for resupply.

By standardizing core components and utilizing best of breed capabilities, CDS has lowered the weight significantly and increased capability. For example, they replaced the 5 lbs sledge hammer with the 5 oz Punch Hammer from Chameleon Solutions. Additionally, the kit is packaged in a Spoedbox Endurance-40 wheeled mobility container, designed to be loaded on a 463L pallet. A list of common contents is available here.

Combat Defense Systems is a small, Veteran owned business located right outside the Reilly Road Gate at Fort Bragg.

Combat Defense Systems products are available for unit and agency orders through Darley Defense.

Darley Defense Days – Crux Ordnance Tripod System

Thursday, June 8th, 2017

It seems like there isn’t a show that goes by recently where I don’t see the Crux Ordnance Tripod System. This thing is impressive. It’s built atop 10 layer, adjustable carbon fiber legs which meet at a spring loaded, aluminum apex, incorporating a bubble level. The apex will accept the Crux Ordnance gimbal mount or the weapon can be mounted direct via their unique, two-piece clamp attached with a 3/8″ x 16 mount thread.

At the other end of the legs are molded feet with stainless steel spikes to ensure a stable platform. All-in-all, it weighs 5 lbs, but will support up to 150 lbs (68kg).

While there are lots of great tripods out there, the gimbal head on the Crux Ordnance model really sticks out because there’s nothing else like it. The ambidextrous side mount gimbal is offered in two sizes and offers smooth tilt and pan as well as one-handed tightening. You can also mount the weapon from top or bottom and still have up and down adjustment. I can’t see a position you can’t get into with this.

Made in the USA and comes with a 5 year warranty.

Darley Defense Days – RolaTube Expeditionary Systems

Thursday, June 8th, 2017

The first time I saw RolaTube I feel in love with the idea. It’s a mast system which rolls up and as you extend it, conforms itself into a strong tubular structure. Initial versions were just masts but over time, they added built in antennas into the material structure. As the RolaTube’s popularity increased, so did applications. Eventually, they created a tripod to stabilize taller masts or those with heavy items in the mast head, such as camera systems. This example combines 2m x 2″ tripod with a double 3″ mast although there are a wide variety of tripods available. Check with to find the best for for your needs.

Darley Defense Days – Pelican Products Inc

Thursday, June 8th, 2017

This is the Pelican Elite Soft Cooler. One of the things I really like about this cooler is that they’ve built and named it based on the number of cans it will hold.


This model is the 24, but there are also 12 and 48 can versions. Made from 840D double coated TPU, the cooler is insulated with 26mm of foam. It also features a leak-proof zipper, dual buckle system, steel tie down anchors, and a compression molded lid and base.