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Darley Defense Days – Sericore

Thursday, June 8th, 2017


We showed you Sericore’s Demolition System Remote and Timed device during a Darley event a few years ago.


Using the same technology, they’ve introduced the new Sericore Remote Firing Initiator. Designed specifically for a federal law enforcement agency, the system has a 2.5 mile LOS range in a rural high RF environment and .5 mile LOS Range in an urban high RF environment and features AES encrypted comms. Each transmitter is powered by CR-123A batteries and will controls up to 8 receivers. It’s 10 juole discharge fires 80 M6 series detonators and the MD82 tip fires NONEL and electric detonators. ARM hold times are 10, 30 or 60 min and the fire delay is configurable for 0, 1, 2, or 5 secs.

Darley Defense Days – Va Beach

Thursday, June 8th, 2017

Darley Defense Days – Omni-Wool Socks 

Thursday, June 8th, 2017

Omni-Wool Socks are made from Merino wool which comes from a herd in Montana, making them Berry compliant. It also means they offer all of the advantages of Merino: wicking, inherent FR, anti-microbial.

Although they offer a wide range of socks, the boot models are available in light, medium and heavy.  The heavy sock was initially intended for use in cold weather environments but some users have adopted them for hot weather due to their thick nap.  The socks are engineered from top to bottom to fit the shape of the foot, ankle and calf.  For instance, they’ve integrated a non binding top and calf relief feature so the sock stays up, but doesn’t constrict.

Interested parties should contact Darley Defense.

Darley Defense Days – CMC Rescue

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016

This is a new locking triple bar descender, called the 3D. Most people use a six bar rack but this design not only saves weight, but also space in a pack. This design is also easy to load. The middle bar opens so all you have to do is pull a bight of rope through and close the bar.

Darley Defense Days – DI Optical USA

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016

DI Optical USA is a subsidiary of the Korean firm DI Optical. Machine gunners may recognize their DCL series of machine gun red dot sights. The DCL-110AD3X was created for the Army Mounted Machine Gun Optic.

They also offer miniature red dot optics which are prismatic sights. While heavier, this technology helps reduce parallex.

The smaller optic is the DCL-23 and the DCL-30 is the larger of the two. Both offer a 1.5 MOA red dot and have 3 nighttime and 7 daytime settings. The eye shield boots are rubber and they come with a 1913 compatible mount although the DCL-30 will accept LaRue QD mount. Also, the DCL-23 has a removable shim that allows it to be lowered for use with an SMG.

Darley Defense Days – Unity Tactical / TNVC

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016

This is the Tactical Augmented Pressure Switch from Unity Tactical. Manufactured from a high strength polymer, the waterproof TAPS offers two rubberized buttons. It is user programmable including an option for auto shutdown after a predetermined time as well as the ability the slave the two devices.

It will be offered in two variants. The most common with have one SureFire and one Insight cable. An alternate model will offer two Insight cables. Available in Flat Dark Earth and Black.

It is quite versatile and can be attached to KeyMod, MLOK and Picatinny.>

Darley Defense Days – MMI / Catoma

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016

MMI / Catoma has been working in thermal camouflage for quite awhile. Their DEPSOC360 camouflage not only offers a variety of colorways for different environments, but also thermal signature protection as their Thermal Shroud Technology.

This is the Individual Concealment System Kit. It includes a 5’x8′ Thermal Shroud, 5’x8′ Visual Only Camo Net, 8 stakes, 2 shock-corded poles and a compression sack.

There are also versions for vehicles including the Polaris MRZR.  Specifications available to qualified customers.

Darley Defense Days – First Edge Knives & Tools 

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016

First Edge offers an interesting line of folding knives. Named 1550, 1650, and 1750 they all share the same Swedish Elmax Stainless Steel drop point blade, pocket clip, liner and G10 scales but they differ by type of opening. The 1550 is a tracklock opener, 1650 an assisted opener and the 1750 is an automatic knife.

The blades are 3″ with an overall open length of 8.125″. If you need a serrated edge, replace the 0 in the model number with a 5. Want a Tanto Blade? The model numbers are 1250, 1350 and 1450.