Darley Defense Days – Unity Tactical / TNVC

This is the Tactical Augmented Pressure Switch from Unity Tactical. Manufactured from a high strength polymer, the waterproof TAPS offers two rubberized buttons. It is user programmable including an option for auto shutdown after a predetermined time as well as the ability the slave the two devices.

It will be offered in two variants. The most common with have one SureFire and one Insight cable. An alternate model will offer two Insight cables. Available in Flat Dark Earth and Black.

It is quite versatile and can be attached to KeyMod, MLOK and Picatinny.>


9 Responses to “Darley Defense Days – Unity Tactical / TNVC”

  1. JKifer says:

    Finally, this is awesome..been coming for almost a year now eh

  2. ARman says:


    • JKifer says:

      what does that even mean dude? I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to finger fuck a LAM/light setup while maintaining some kind of a forward grip on your weapon but this looks like it will simplify that task immensely…

      • Riceball says:

        What he means is that he thinks this is something that’s been advertised for a long while but has yet to come out. This first came from actual software in where a company would promise a certain piece of software, often a game, for years yet the software never ends up seeing the light of day. So, basically, his comment isn’t referring to the usefulness of the product but more to the likelihood of the product actually being available for purchase.

  3. Jack says:

    any update on availability?

  4. JS says:


  5. JRod says:

    This was first introduced at Shot Show 2015. It’s kind of frustrating that they keep parading it around to vendor shows but don’t have a solid release date for it.

  6. darrel says:

    I’ve been waiting over a year for this now….