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Darley Defense Days – MMI Outdoor’s Naga Hood

In development for the past six years, MMI Outdoor’s Naga Hood is a Thermal and Visual Concealment Hood made from a laser cut mesh that has relief cuts to better resemble foliage in the visual spectrum.   
The two-sided Naga Hood is custom printed based on use requirements, they can apply self-developed or user-provided Camo patterns to either side.  It is set up to be attached to an Ops-Core helmet and draped over the wearer’s torso but it can be used a variety of ways thanks to various attachment loops including their hidden MOLLE points.  There are also points for attaching scrim or foliage directly to the Naga Hood which is 64″ long and 28″ wide.

In addition to the Naga Hood, MMI has also developed covers for HMMWVs, Quads and even Zodiac boats.  



2 Responses to “Darley Defense Days – MMI Outdoor’s Naga Hood”

  1. Josh lord says:

    I was wondering where can i buy some of this ? And how much is it? I woul like to have it in marpat camo only

  2. John says:

    I wonder if MMI textiles will make this mesh available to other gear makers. Would be nice to see this stuff available to small shops down the line (likely through someone like OC Tactical).