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MDM – Darn Tough Vermont ADS Tactical


Darn Tough Vermont’s Extreme Cold Weather Boot Sock was chosen to fill that role by MARCORSYSCOM for the Marine Corps. Darn Tough Vermont’s socks are made from American Merino wool that offers anti-microbial protection and are inherently FR and oh so comfy. Many of their Berry compliant line (including the ECW Sock) were designed exclusively for tactical use where Darn Tough Vermont is rapidly dominating that market.

Agency or unit orders for this or any Darn Tough Vermont product can be fulfilled by ADS

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One Response to “MDM – Darn Tough Vermont ADS Tactical

  1. Juan Bravo says:

    ABSOLUTELY the best sock ever to be produced. If you are using something else, then switch to DARN TOUGH with same boot/shoe, it makes wearing your boots feel like a pair of tennis shoes, it is unreal! You will really notice it after 12-15 hrs days on duty. No more sore feet. THANK YOU Shannon!