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The Ultimate List of Touchy Subjects (Tactical Category)

This is the list of touchy subjects that will get the readership worked up with nostrils flaring and turn grown men into so many yapping dogs as doctrine become dogma.

1. Camouflage
2. Weapons Lube
3. Gloves
4. Gun Bunnies
5. Slings
6. Belts
7. Knives
8. Anything dealing with the Marine Corps
9. The terms “Operator” and “Tactical”
10. Calibers

Got any more?

84 Responses to “The Ultimate List of Touchy Subjects (Tactical Category)”

  1. Haji says:

    jackets and pants.

  2. hodge175 says:

    Softshell, Velcro

  3. Mike P says:

    Biggest one: 2A Freedoms

    • Jbgleason says:

      Lists of Touchy Subjects that exclude anything that a particular reader thinks should be on the list and/or a particular subject not being high enough on the list.

    • SSD says:

      You really think that’s touchy? I don’t. You are on one side or the other. The only people I ever see get upset about it are those who already pissed their freedoms away or those that are too foolish to see how precious they are.

      • Mike P says:

        If you look at the atrocities surrounding a certain coffee shop and magazine I would argue that is a touchy subject. Maybe not in the community, but certainly high on the priority list for me. I concede that I was off base to what the above list was getting at.

        • Reverend says:

          Mike has a point, the personal opinions are black, and white… but rules, regs, policies, procedures, and laws… we could start whole websites on those… wait, too late!

  4. Oderus says:


  5. BrettW says:

    Rails & BUIS used to be a big one… and a lawsuit happy crowd too!

  6. Paul says:


  7. Chuck Mac says:

    The next bearded gun-figther trying to teach a bunch of non/never will be gun-fighters.

  8. john says:


  9. MED says:

    AR vs AK
    5.56, 7.62, .308, ……

  10. Engineer says:

    Heckler and Koch

  11. Jim says:

    Bugger, john beat me to it, 9mm v .45 or even 7.62 v 5.56mm always a good one over this side of the pond

  12. Chuck says:


    8 probably isn’t high enough.

  13. Bob says:

    Drop leg vs belt vs Plate carrier

    MARPAT vs Multicam (I think this has enough traffic to be a totally different category from camouflage)

    AAC vs Surefire

    Arc’teryx vs TAD vs Patagonia vs Crye Precision

    EOTech vs Aimpoint

    LaRue vs KAC

    Stainless Steel vs Chrome lined

    …and finally…

    …drum roll…


  14. John says:


  15. jjj0309 says:

    The ‘Stopping Power’; Is it real or just a myth?

  16. Angry Misha says:

    Anything I provide an opinon on

  17. Brewzer says:

    Operator as F$ck!!

  18. TacMod says:

    Value or not of contractors in warzones.

  19. Will S says:


  20. Frank says:

    Reflective belts and why troops must model them….

  21. DGR says:

    You even mentioned it: Doctrine.
    Even at the service level I think fewer and fewer people understand basic service doctrine…..

    • DGR says:

      I worded that poorly, which is the problem with Doctrine. You either get it spelled out or you dont, there is no middle ground….. For example, should the Air Force operate the C-27 according to the doctrine and mission of the Air Force as a service? Go!

  22. Agent K says:

    Mil vs MOA

  23. JC says:

    IA/Remedial action drills, codes, and the terminology surrounding them
    Failure drill shot placement
    Point shooting
    6.8 SPC performance
    300 BLK

    • JC says:

      By 6.8 SPC performance, I meant the arguments for/against re-tooling everything to run that round in .mil service rifles.

      • JC says:

        Oh yeah, I forgot the M27 IAR…”Don’t make me give up my suppressive firepower!!!” [rolleyes]

    • Native4Alpha says:


      Fastest I’ve ever seen a group of guys go from friendly to pissed off was when the topic of reload techniques was brought up. lots of lube or little lube was a somewhat friendly topic, but once reloads and magazine monopod came up, you would have thought wives’ honor was at stake…

  24. Roy says:

    Iron sights vs optics
    Direct impingement vs piston
    Eotech vs aimpoint

  25. cimg says:

    Caliber 556 vs 762, 9mm vs 45 etc etc

  26. Paul N says:


    And 1911A1 vs. Glock

  27. Roy says:

    Lets not forget the passive aggressive response to complaints about 1911s. “well the 1911 is a professional’s gun”

  28. cameron says:

    1. Glocks in genral

    2. Airsoft

  29. Doc Rob says:

    Body Armor!!!!!!!

  30. Nic says:


  31. Walker says:

    Your Mom.

    • Reverend says:


      Used that yesterday when someone asked “Where’s your costume?” I replied, “I’m the guy schtupin’ yer mom.” , he asked “So you’re dressed as the guy schtupin’ my mom?” I said “No”. Walked away. Not sure he got it.

  32. SGT Rock says:

    SF vs. SEAL’s vs. Rangers vs. Recon vs. PJ’s etc.

  33. James Taylor says:

    Serpa holsters

    Anything questioning MagPul’s motivations

    Gabe Suarez

    Rob Pincas

  34. Steve says:

    Copenhagen vs. Skoal

  35. Chris says:

    Army v Navy (its football season. lol)
    1911 v Glock
    Milsim Airsoft, is it honoring or is it dishonoring soldiers?
    Conceal Carry placements (AIWB, IWB, OWB, Ankle)
    OPSEC/PERSEC breaches (books, photos, etc.)
    Women in SOF Units
    DI v Piston
    AK v AR
    AAC v SureFire v SilencerCo
    Costa v Haley

  36. Mike Nomad says:

    / Boots.

    / .45 ACP vs. Every other round ever made or that will be made.

  37. ODG says:

    Parasitic products…

  38. Adam says:

    Press checks.

  39. Bill says:

    How much to spend on scope/rifle/ninjas and is that good enough for both CQB and sniping zombies.

  40. Norbis says:


  41. James says:

    Barrel length
    flash lights / rail jewlery
    boots / footwear
    pouch vs long cut

  42. adil says:

    Seems like EVERYTHING and the kitchen sink is a TOUCHY topic!!

    Reminds me of that patch that said

    Cool Story Bro WHEN do you STFU!

  43. Corey says:


  44. Oderus says:

    Never been done before… Someone will find some weird old “iteration” of a new design.

  45. Kevinmo says:

    .45acp vs 9mm come on you had to see that one !!!

  46. MattR says:

    “Magazine” vs. “Clip”.

  47. tdg says:

    cats vs. dogs

  48. Toph K says:

    EoTechs and Aim Points?

  49. Dead On The X says:

    Ammo prices.
    Brand vs brand kit.
    Import/export restrictions on this/that gun.
    Magpul marketing/politics
    What Hollywood did wrong with a gun in this/that movie or TV show.
    Airsoft vs Firearms.
    SEALS vs Delta.
    Chris Costa’s latest marketing venture.
    Jamie Yeager (period)
    Why is this piece of Kit so expensive for what it does?
    Buying American made Kit vs foreign made kit.
    Who created/sold this/that piece of Kit first.
    What is old is new again industry ideas.
    Spoof marketing ads that are taken way too seriously.
    Zombie marketing.
    Incorrect spelling.

    • Haji says:

      “Who created/sold this/that piece of Kit first.”

      Oh, my goodness YES!!! The best part is that most often the perception of who was “first” is wrong.

      That’s a pretty solid list top to bottom.

  50. Jester says:

    Non-“operators” seem to give a shit about people using the term than actual “operators” do.