Fisher Contractor Tool

If being able to write upside down in zero G wasn’t enough, Fisher has a pen with a few other tricks up its sleeve.


The contractor tool incorporates Level and Plumb vials, Rule featuring Metric and Imperial Measurements and Magnetic Base.


5 Responses to “Fisher Contractor Tool”

  1. Corbs says:

    Surely there is no upside down in zero G?!

    How’s this for multifunction:

    • Everyone Else says:

      Thats right! There is no “upside down” in zero gravity, because there is no “up”

  2. lev says:

    I’ve always liked fisher pens but it’s horrible when you lose one….a plain old pencil also works in zero-G/upside down.

  3. JP says:

    Never saw my dad or his friends frame a house with a pen. Or do anything construction-related with a pen, for that matter. Toward what morons are they marketing ?