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Epic Rap Battle: Navy Seal vs. Army Ranger

The eternal question of which US Special Operations Force is better – US Navy SEALs or US Army Rangers – represented by a rap battle. I generally don’t go for these things, but this one is downright funny. Be forewarned. Some language is not safe for some workplaces. Consequently, we waited until Saturday night to post this.

14 Responses to “Epic Rap Battle: Navy Seal vs. Army Ranger”

  1. Nikuraba29 says:

    Best Epic Rap battle ever. Ever.

  2. Flighterdoc says:

    Rangers, SEALS….piff…..

    Now, USAF Pararescue? Don’t need no youtube vids

    • svgc says:

      Because they already landed a gig on Nat Geo…

    • MikeP says:

      Nope. Just a National Geographic documentary mini series of your guys crying about being on an ambulance duty deployment 🙂 -RLTW

  3. Aaron says:

    Solid, so much butthurt in the comments. Love it.

  4. BigMikeMike says:


    • DaveWs says:

      I’m MC Zar E SHARIF and I’m going to be dropping some mad dirka dirka, while you watch me goatfuck on the GBOSS like a Bause….

  5. SGT Rock says:

    Sex change card for the trump.

  6. MATBOCK CEO says:

    Absolutely hilarious and spot on! Nailed it!!

  7. vereceleritas says:

    I love it. Mars is an a#$hole. Haha!

  8. Alvar says:

    “Get to the choppa!” ROFL.

  9. M. Wolfsen says:

    The sex change sealed the deal. Rangers won.

  10. Hubb says:

    Rangers? SEALs? Fellas, y’all missed the most important part: Hot Blond!