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Water Storage Infographic

Lowdown on Water Storage Infographic

Food Insurance created this infographic on how to store water for an extended period and how to treat water for emergency scenarios.



2 Responses to “Water Storage Infographic”

  1. Hussar says:

    Good graphic, but I found one part amusing. It shows what appears to be a bottle of chlorine bleach and says do not store water in food grade plastics that previously stored things other than food. I would think a chlorine bleach bottle has got to be one of the more sterile plastic containers to store water in. After-all isn’t chlorine bleach used to sanitize eating utensils, and FEMA teaches that chlorine bleach could be used in an emergency to disinfect water and make it potable.

    • Bushman says:

      The problem with bleach is that this term is used much wider than just to call sodium hypochlorite and calcium hypochlorite. Some of substances and mixes called “bleach” have not only oxidizing agent properties but a lot of others. The same goes to concentration.
      You are definitely not going to make a chemical analysis before filling every bottle, so it’s easier to avoid it in any case.