Six15 Technologies – Standard Mobile Monitor

DirectView Render_Map

Six15 Technologies is announcing the release of their direct view monitor for military applications called the Standard Mobile Monitor (SMM). This monitor will serve as a complementary device for non-head mounted display (HMD) applications. This low cost monitor is semi-rugged but has an optional kit available for purchase that upgrades the monitor to achieve optimal ruggedization.

The SMM is designed specifically for use in ISR markets, in which Six15 is already well-known for the production of their Tac-Eye 2.0 HMDs. The Tac-Eye was originally developed as part of the BAO HMD program and is popular worldwide within the ISR community with Six15 making regular deliveries to L3, Coastal, and Harris. The SMM comes with custom adapters and will be compatible with all of the same products as the Tac-Eye, such as L-3’s SIR, Coastal’s MVR VI, and Harris’ 7800t.

This monitor implements a 5” WSVGA, 1024×600 display and contains its own internal power source, a 5400 mAhr lithium ion battery, which has a life of 8 hours. The Gorilla Glass window ensures that maximum scratch resistance. The first 270 of these systems have been shipped to TACP-M. Units are available for purchase through ADS, Inc.

Six15 Technologies is located in Henrietta, NY and completes manufacturing in house. Here the systems are fully integrated, configured, and tested before being sent to the market. Our military qualified production facility manufactures OEM components for thermal imagers, off-the-shelf military and industrial display systems, R&D projects, and custom computing and display solutions.


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