TYR Tactical

Fight And Flight Tactical – T.A.S.K.


The T.A.S.K. (Tactical Ass Scrubbing Kit) is quite possibly the only non-disposable tactical body cleanser currently on the market. Constructed from 8mm antimicrobial spacer mesh, the T.A.S.K. fits standard-sized soap bars, although it also works well with just slivers of soap and even liquid soap, and facilitates a thick lather to wash away dirt and grime, while inhibiting bacterial growth. Includes 6″ webbing loop for hanging out to dry, use at a field sanitation station, or simply for retention.

Available in Black and Tan.



8 Responses to “Fight And Flight Tactical – T.A.S.K.”

  1. RedHotLoveMonkey says:

    Recieved one for Christmas; works as adertised – peels of layers of field crud (although works best will full bar of soap). Highly recommend.

  2. matt says:

    So… it’s a loufa?

  3. Erik says:

    So…..would this Lufa be considered Tier One?

    • Jason says:

      We’ll have loufas on the ground in 72 hours. They’ll be tasked with eliminating key dirt and grime targets.

      But seriously, come on guys. It looks like a decently sturdy thing that’ll hold your soap (no more dropped soap 😉 and it’s only $8. It’s not a bad idea.

      I personally hate carrying around a soap dish in luggage and would rather use one of these and have em dry out after washing.

    • Mike Nomad says:

      Depends on how well it works on beards.


      Brilliant idea. Definitely getting a couple.

  4. Ty says:

    High lather, low drag.

  5. Nick says:

    Needs a 550 cord lanyard.

    You know so you don’t drop the soap.