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Raider Magazine Relaunch


The Magazine for the Alpha Male

For over six years, Raider Magazine has become a firm favourite with both military personnel and enthusiasts around the world. Since the launch of the magazine, the publishers of Raider have always listened to it’s audience, providing them with well written, targeted and informative editorial content and features. However, as with every industry the dynamic are forever changing and with a change in dynamics comes a change in direction.

Whilst not completely discarding the magazine’s military heritage, Raider has started to evolve; reacting to it’s readers demands, changing the editorial profile of Raider to become a more up to date and thought provoking publication with various new and exciting editorial features that explore the many interests of Raider’s vast readership. Whether you be a soldier, a tactical enthusiast or an alpha male, you’ll be sure to find something in Raider for you!

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