Rolly Mini Toothbrush


I first got to look at this product during SOMA 2013 and I really like the idea. Rolly Mini Toothbrush is billed as ‘The World’s Smallest Toothbrush’. Available in a 6-pack, non-reflective blister, Rolly is similar in size to a small mint, hands-free, and requires no water, making it ideal for Soldiers in the field. Rolly utilizes fluoride and a sugar-free mint flavored containing Xylitol, a non-fermentable sugar alcohol flavoring clinically proven to fight cavities. You get filthy in the field and the guys who carry toothbrushes will tell you that they end up as ridden with bacteria. It can almost be worse than having no brush at all. That’s why I think is definitely worth considering at the unit level. Having clean teeth isn’t just a health issue, it’s also a serious morale boost.


7 Responses to “Rolly Mini Toothbrush”

  1. Haji says:

    That’s an exceedingly clever solution. Once again, wish I’d thought of it.

  2. TominVA says:

    NATO allies had these back in ’94 in Norway. Came with their rations. I agree, it’s a great idea.

  3. Desert Lizard says:

    I can see these being added to MREs in the future.

  4. Eddie Munster says:

    Great product. Used it.

  5. Canadian says:

    I have used a version (not the same brand) which came in Dutch army winter rations. It did not work well. It’s a decent idea, however most of the filth on your teeth sticks in between them, and along the gum line. While this might work, the other version I have seen does not clean well enough in those areas.

    Perhaps this is better- or you can just bring a spare toothbrush and keep them clean.

  6. Cook says:

    I’m a dentist at FT Carson and I’m having a “why didn’t I think of that moment.” I like the idea and hands-free to boot- if I can get samples and they work, I’ll recommend it to my guys.

  7. Steve says:

    Now if they added dental floss, a multi-use item in the field, that would be ideal.