SIG MMG 338 Program Series

S&S Precision O2D2


Although it’s a very specialized piece of equipment, the “yamakO2” is a comfortable, soft, stretchable, skullcap which allows MFF parachutists to pre-breath without a helmet by offering the ability to attach an oxygen mask.


Just sit back, relax and pre-breath in comfort.


Offered in size Small/Medium and Large/XLarge, MultiCam.


4 Responses to “S&S Precision O2D2”

  1. Would be curious on how well it keeps its seal. Would hate to break it during a pre-breathe and have to start all over but a cool concept.

    Have a good one,

  2. sneakynerd says:

    Now you can look like Tactical Bane.

  3. PLiner says:

    It’s one of those concepts that briefs well but in application doesn’t work. Natick Labs and USASOC designed several variations of this concept several years ago and we tested it extensively using several different designs and even had the end users provide feedback on it. There are so many issues with this that it isn’t funny. Maintaining a good seal is one of them. If you’re sitting still in a chair or on an aircraft it works OK but as soon as you move around or exit the aircraft the whole contraption shifts and you can break the seal. It’s cumbersome, it never gets really snug like a bayonet system does. Integrating it with your peltors and helmet while kitted up in an aircraft proves to be a pain in the ass. It’s more hard shit digging into your skull/face. It shifts on your head even if you’re bald. It doesn’t work no matter how you attack it. It’s why Natick and USASOC abandoned the idea years back. My guess one or two units might buy these but will eventually shit can them for the reasons I mentioned.