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Cammenga – Destinate Model D3-T Compass

Cammenga Destinate Model D3-T Tritium Protractor Compass (4 x 9)

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Cammenga’s Destinate Model D3-T Tritium Protractor Compass incorporates all the same parts and materials as the Model 3H Tritium Lensatic Compass, the official U.S. Military Compass. Built upon a transparent nylon baseplate and waterproof housing, the Model D3-T features 6 tritium micro lights to allow for navigation in low-light conditions without the use of an external light source; tritium micro lights remain luminous for over 12 years. The D3-T features a Copper Induction Damping System which slows the rotation of the magnet without the use of liquids. The D3-T also comes equipped with a map magnifying lens, dial graduations in both degrees and mils, and 3 map scales (1:25K, 1:63.36k, 1:50km) for navigation on a variety of maps. Made in the USA.



2 Responses to “Cammenga – Destinate Model D3-T Compass”

  1. Cody C. says:

    I wonder why they didn’t give it a clear capsule with meridian lines. Seems like you are taking away the advantage of a sighting wire with a lensatic, but not giving it any advantages of a baseplate/protractor compass. Love the tritium though.

  2. Mark says:

    Much better than what we’ve had before.