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Elzetta Drop-In Flood Light

Elzetta FLOOD Lens text

February 6, 2014 – Elzetta Design, LLC is pleased to announce a new Drop-In FLOOD Lens for its line of High Output Modular Flashlights. The FLOOD Lens harnesses the 650 or 900 lumens produced by an Elzetta Bravo or Charlie Modular Flashlight and disperses a wide rush of diffuse illumination. The unique beam pattern is unlike anything else on the market and delivers ultimate lighting for CQB/Home Defense applications. Like the Standard Lens, the FLOOD Lens is solid acrylic and 7/8-inch thick, providing unmatched durability and a “soft edge” that no reflector can replicate. Lenses can be changed in seconds simply by removing the Bezel Ring, swapping Lenses, and replacing the Bezel Ring.

Made in USA. For more information, visit www.ELZETTA.com.


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