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AKU Boots Available Through Procurement Specialists, LLC

Partlow, Virginia (March 13, 2014) – In response to increasing requests for on-line accessability, Procurement Specialists, LLC is proud to launch our E-commerce web site. We are currently featuring the AKU tactical and military footwear and have recently teamed up with Steve Reichert Training (SRT) to offer a 10% discount on all internet sales using code SRT10. Procurement Specialists, LLC is a full line quartermaster support organization and specializes in gear and supplies for the military, special forces, law enforcement, and first responders. We have been selling the AKU brand for a little over two years now and have a great track record of delivery and satisfaction.

AKU has been designing and manufacturing quality, long lasting boots for more than 50 years. Each of their tactical boots were developed after extensive research and input from the Operational communities. Their tactical boots are lightweight, durable and responsive in situations where gear is crucial for survival, not just performance.

The following AKU tactical boots are available through Procurement Specialists, LLC:


NS564 BOSCO – The NS564 is the original boot designed about 13 years ago with input from both the USN and USA SOF communities. The construction of these boots guarantees their performance in extreme hot, humid and dry environments. This style was designed as an approach shoe and the Vibram SWOT outsole with a flat area at the toe makes them ideal for a variety of terrains. The rugged AIR 8000 synthetic upper makes them breathable, while the 360-degree abrasion-resistant rand minimizes wear and tear. The Sanifit lining provides superior moisture wicking that keeps the foot dry, and In combination with the lacing structure technology causes a better fit and reduces blisters. The NS564 as been field tested and is a good, all around low profile shoe good for pack loads of up to 50lbs. They come in both the classic Beige and an all Black versions.

NS564 Spider

NS564 SPIDER – The NS564 Spider was developed about eleven years after the original NS564. The only difference in the two boots is that the Spider has a slightly extended toe bumper for added grip in situations where that stability is a must. They feature all the same ‘out of the box’ wearability as the originals.

Aku Pilgrim DS

PILGRIM DS & GTX – AKU’s new Pilgrim tactical boots were developed by Trekitt Mountain Sports in the UK. Much like the original NS564 that was developed for US SOF, the Pilgrims were designed with direct input and requirements from the UK SOF community. These boots were developed to be able to carry pack loads over 55lbs and have a modified technology that still provides all-day comfort and improved impact absorption due to the Internal Midsole System. They also have the Vibram sole, but with a slightly deeper tread and modest heel. This design keeps the foot low to the ground for maximum stability. The design of the upper features additional flex points around the ankle which is essential when driving or kneeling, and the padded cuff makes the boot fit more securely around the ankle. Additionally, the Pilgrim models are a slightly taller boot giving added support to the ankle to allow for the heaver load adaptations. The Pilgrim DS is highly breathable and designed for dry, hot climates. The Pilgrim GTX features a Gore-Tex liner so it is ideally suited for wet, temperate climates. Both models come in Beige and all Black options.

Aku KS Leight

KS LEIGHT GTX – Like their counterparts, the KS Leight GTX was developed for the SOF community. With direct input from the Swiss, the Leights have been developed for the terrain and temperatures they were most likely to encounter. They are constructed with a full-grain leather shaft combined with a breathable fabric with Gore-Tex lining. They are an over the ankle boot and feature all the same great internal technologies AKU is know for in their mountaineering and military boot lines. Despite being designed for cold climates and being all leather, they are exceedingly light weight and extremely comfortable to wear.

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