Be Sure To Visit BE Meyers and Tactical Tailor During SOFIC

Tactical Tailor and BE Meyers will be at SOFIC dockside outside of Jackson near the convention center.

TT-BE Meyers at SOFIC


19 JUN – Partner/Distributor Cocktail Hour 1700-2000

20 JUN – End-user Cocktail Hour1700 -2100

21 JUN – Cocktail Hour Cruise. Invite only for key customers due to boat capacity restrictions on open water. 1700, set sail around 1730, ~1hr on the water.

Contact Nate Smith at Tactical Tailor [email protected] or Johnny Moir of BE Meyers [email protected] to schedule an appointment.

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5 Responses to “Be Sure To Visit BE Meyers and Tactical Tailor During SOFIC”

  1. Steve P says:

    Thats on of my fav tactical pics…

  2. Cruise will actually be on the 20th. Bob T. Tailor forgot about the British fellows quaffing contest. Bob might get buckled, but someone is going to get bolloxed up and perhaps have to answer to the peeler.

  3. Rei says:

    Does it mean TT will be selling the BE MEYER 249F?