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A Day Of Solemn Reflection

Since the beginning of our nation, men and women have given their lives in defense of their fellow citizens. Today, we honor their sacrifice.

Memorial Day 2014

Take a moment to share your memories of our fallen brothers and sisters.

7 Responses to “A Day Of Solemn Reflection”

  1. Sean says:

    RIP TSgt Phillip A. Myers – KIA April 4, 2009 Helmand Province, Afghanistan

  2. Will M says:

    RIP – USSF M. Thomas KIA Zerkho Valley 27 April 2007
    Rada, Treber and Simmons KIA June 2008 AFG all members of SFODA 713. 4 brothers in one year. I pray your sacrifice was not in vain.

  3. MRC says:

    Thank you for your service Eric!

  4. Charlie says:

    A toast passed to me by the son of a Bataan survivor.


  5. Eddie says:

    Thanks to all the men and women that have served, you have given me a lot to be proud of. Also, thanks to the guys in the comment section, taking a break from the flaming scorpion debate to appreciate what the military is really about. XD

  6. Badjujuu says:

    And please…… Please don’t text others with “Happy Memorial Day”…. I can’t count how many texts a such as those I received this weekend.

  7. RayForest says:

    SGT Rodney Murray MSR Tampa access road into BIAP 2004
    SSG Arthur Mastrapa IDF attack Anaconda 4 hours before the bird was going to take him home.

    Think about you guys every day.