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SOFIC 2014 – SureFire Arc Lights

When you visit the SureFire booth, your attention is immediately drawn to the Polaris RAZR, set center stage. Atop that RAZR are mounted several Arc series lights.


The Arc series includes the handheld Arc-2 and Arc-3 as well as the highly successful Hellfighter weapon mounted lights including the new Hellfighter-5 which boasts 4500 lumens at 80 minutes with its integral battery pack (continuous with vehicle DC power).


We all know how well the Hellfighter family of lights work but what you really need to read up on are the Arc- and Arc-3 handhelds. The Arc-2 offers the same 4500 lumens at 1,000,000 candela as the Hellfighter-5 but in a handheld! This means you can reach out over 2,000m.



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