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Badger Outfitters – Ultimate Survival Pocket Chainsaw


Badger Outdoors’s Pocket Chainsaw consists 24 inches of bidirectional carbon steel cutting blades which are rugged enough to take plenty of abuse. The fatter blade kerf avoids binding, and the large webbing handles can be used with bare hands. An included carry case makes the Pocket Chainsaw easy to attach to a belt. The functionality and durability of the Pocket Chainsaw would make it an excellent edition to any survival kit.

Hat tip to RYP at DPx gear.


10 Responses to “Badger Outfitters – Ultimate Survival Pocket Chainsaw”

  1. 96C says:

    I only like hand saws that don’t break… Cutting anything with shorts and no shoes is a move reserved for special people. It’s all fun and games until you have bits hanging off and blood gushing out.

  2. Beavis says:

    The dog was not impressed.

  3. Lassie says:

    Did anyone else see that dog havin’ a shit haha

  4. Jim says:

    Or you could carry a small axe. About that same amount of work, won’t bind like that thing did. I clicked the video expecting something awesome.

  5. FormerDirtDart says:

    Hell, pretty sure I could have cut through that faster with and E-tool

  6. Adam says:

    My experience with this type of saw is lack luster. I much prefer the sawvivor collapsable saw. Goes through a 2×4 in 12 seconds and you still have enough energy to cut a few more!

    • Terry says:

      I’ve always found that they oofer a lot and deliver very little too. Ones i’ve tried either cut very poorly or break; in the video, this one appears to work fairly well though – I guess it comes down to how durable it is.