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Paul from Alias Training emailed me the other day and asked if I could have something put together for the Gunfighter Moment on Soldier Systems by Friday. Well, when I get those emails I usually write about what is fresh on my brain in regards to shooting at the moment. Here’s what’s on my mind right now: I want to say a lot of thanks. Thanks to all of you guys reading this that want to hear what I have to say about shooting. Thanks to all the people I have trained with that care about becoming better shooters. It is particularly refreshing for me to see the LE and Military dudes that come to open enrollment courses, most of the time they are coming on their own time and own dime because they care about being better at a very important part of their profession. I know very well that MIL and LE professionals have a ton of other duties other than being shooters, but I think all will agree that if it’s time to shoot in the line of duty, nothing is more important in that instance than being the best shooter you can be. Unfortunately there is a flip side, there are way too many people out there that carry a gun as part of their job that wouldn’t carry it if they didn’t “have” to. Those people very often don’t care about their ability to shoot well or handle their guns safely, it’s a shame. So thanks again for all those that care.

I want to thank everyone that has in anyway helped me along my path to becoming a better shooter (still walking down that path). I have learned a lot from so many people and have had a great time doing it. I’m constantly learning new stuff when I running my courses. I dig it the most when a new idea pops up on the range and a better way to train comes to life! We had several of those in my last 2 classes that were epic! All in all I feel very fortunate to be able to help people reach their goals as shooters, it has been a great ride! Thanks Y’all!

-Frank Proctor


Frank Proctor has served over 18 years in the military, the last 11 of those in US Army Special Forces. During his multiple combat tours in Afghanistan & Iraq he had the privilege to serve with and learn from many seasoned veteran Special Forces Operators so their combined years of knowledge and experience has helped him to become a better operator & instructor. While serving as an instructor at the Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat Course he was drawn to competitive shooting. He has since earned the USPSA Grand Master ranking in the Limited Division and Master ranking in the IDPA Stock Service Pistol division. He learned a great deal from shooting in competition and this has helped him to become to become a better tactical shooter. Frank is one of the few individuals able to bring the experiences of U.S. Army Special Forces, Competitive Shooting, and veteran Instructor to every class.

All this experience combines to make Frank Proctor a well-rounded shooter and instructor capable of helping you to achieve your goal of becoming a better shooter.

Gunfighter Moment is a weekly feature brought to you by Alias Training & Security Services. Each week Alias brings us a different Trainer and in turn they offer some words of wisdom.

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