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Leatherdos – Mini tools clip


The Leatherdos is a stainless steel hair clip that doubles as a mutitool. It features multiple screwdrivers, a trolley coin, a ruler, 8mm (5/16) wrench, and a cutting surface.


17 Responses to “Leatherdos – Mini tools clip”

  1. Will says:

    What’s a Trolley Coin?

  2. Eric Elletson says:

    So is this something like a clip a woman wears in her hair? Maybe it would be a good gift for the wife; but then again she would just lose it the first day, just like the hundred or so others.

  3. Bill says:

    Anything is better than those damn elastic bands they buy in the handy 6,000 pack, yet can never seem to find one, even though there’s at least 13 on the bathroom sink and 75 in the center console of my truck, which they don’t even drive.

    So these will do everything they currently ask us to do with what we carry. Not gonna happen, migh as well get them for myself, while I still have hair.

    • Will says:

      Yeah right, the only way this would be practical would be if they came in a 30 pack.

  4. Mike D says:

    My wife saw this and asked, “Where’s the bottle opener? It should have a bottle opener!”

  5. Doopington says:

    Is having a bent ruler that resists attemps to straighten it as you try to measure things really useful at all?

  6. Exploriment says:

    Good for someone who wears a kippah.

  7. raymond tentis says:

    I want some of these where do I get them. Help me please. e-mail me at [email protected] if you will please. thank you