You Never Know Where They’ll Show Up

171 U-Boat Wreck-Groix Island-Brittany-France 001

The KCRF patch is once again found in France, this time in Groix Island, Brittany. Specifically, these pictures were taken at the site of the WWII Era Kriegsmarine U-Boat 171, which “…was sunk by a naval mine in the Bay of Biscay 115 days into its first, and only patrol whilst returning to Lorient in occupied France, with the loss of 22 of its complement of 54.” in 1942.

171 U-Boat Wreck-Groix Island-Brittany-France 002


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  1. Strike-Hold says:

    That’s the best one yet!!

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    Okay, now that one will be impossible to beat!

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    FTW! Extreme!

  6. Haji says:

    That one’s gonna be tough to top. Very cool!

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