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Coming Soon to a Store Near You – The S&S Precision LockOut


What will you store in yours?

S&S Precision


20 Responses to “Coming Soon to a Store Near You – The S&S Precision LockOut”

  1. Felix says:

    Looks perfect for some dip!

  2. blue says:

    knowing S&S they will cost $50 + per

  3. Jim says:

    So it’s a weed container 😐

    Does that say waterproof to 420 feet?

    • Dev says:

      You can put your weed in there.

      • SSD says:

        It was intended for chewing tobacco but I’m sure LE appreciates all of the potheads self identifying themselves on SSD.

      • Mike Nomad says:

        Don’t forget amphetamines, barbiturates, heroin, and LSD. Maybe S&S will read the comments on this thread, figure out that they are missing a potential market segment, and make some drop-in dividers for those who can’t immediately decide if they want to get high, low, or simply beyond the horizon.

        I think I’m going to get one to use for Tactical Altoids Storage.

  4. SGT Rock says:

    S&S needs a new pricing model on some of their goods. A lot of their stuff is way too spendy.

    • SSD says:

      When is the last time you made short runs of Made in USA precision machined products? It must have been before all of those price hikes.

      • blue says:

        SSD i get u like to defend things, but when ever Someone ever comments on pricing on S&S products u seem to get very very defensive. I would of thought u would encourage peoples thoughts and ideas of such things on this site. If anything it allows S&S to see the concerns and feedback of the customers and potential customers.

        And yes i have some experiences in this field with manufacturing ect, and they are way over priced for what they are. $60 for a sling mount or a plate carrier that is almost $400 that cost no more then $40 to make after u take in account ,aterial, tooling and everything else.

        days of endless budgets and organizations buying stuff are over. the new market will be privet purchase, and they are out of that relm for the average soldier or cop.

        • SSD says:

          They are still building for a very specialized customer base. There is a lot if R&D involved in that; IRAD $. They are one if the few companies who continue to innovate as a core business focus.

          S&S Precision products (as well as many other items that we feature on SSD) are not mainstream, even fir the tactical market. They’ll never sell large numbers. Consequently, the per unit price is going to be higher. If you are as familiar as manufacturing as you say, you’ll understand this truth.

          If it’s a product you want, you’ll pay for it.

          • Mike says:

            I would like to print that comment on a card that I could then hand to people.

          • 2 cents says:

            I second that. We all would like to have 900,000 unit orders to bring down that tooling cost tied to the part. So tired of hearing cheap ass people complaining about cost. Well then get a few thousand of your friend together and buy some so we can drop the price.

  5. Redbeard33 says:

    A couple tins of Voke tabs looks like it would fit well.

  6. Will says:

    I emailed a representative at S&S back and forth for a few days last month to see if they could sell me their IFM GLOM and I was told they were too busy with other projects to accommodate my order at this time. Too busy… Making tiny plastic cans? Is competing with Pelican really that much of a priority? Release the cool stuff already, damn.

  7. L.Washing says:

    Fun facts…
    Every Soilder in Austria & I think even in Germany gets such a Box..

    Its called Butter Box…the name explains the use by itself, we used it to store sewing kits or shoe paste.

    although i must say, they were a bit bigger, thinner plastic an lacked the rubber sealment ring…

  8. Steve says:

    I’d guess the small gadgety stuff like the Pocket Shiv and these Lockouts has a much higher profit margin and are much easier/faster/cheaper to crank out and may serve as an alternate revenue stream to add some buffer on the bigger projects. Bought a shiv for fun, will buy one of these for shits and giggles too.