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Haley Strategic – Blackout Package

HSP Blackout Package

Haley Strategic is currently selling a Blackout Package. The package consists of a D3CR, Multi-Mission Hanger, Magazine Wedge, Handgun Wedge, and Troubleshooter Hat, all in black, along with a Limited Edition ‘Non-Permissive’ monochrome patch. This package is being offered in a special price, and is sure to be limited, so get yours while you can.



5 Responses to “Haley Strategic – Blackout Package”

  1. Cav Guy says:

    This is awesome. If only it was in FDE or MultiCam.

  2. Taylor says:

    Any possibility of this deal in other colors?

  3. regularguy says:

    It’s probably due to black not selling since there are so many options available. Its a good deal if you got the cash to throw around and were already planning on picking up the accessories otherwise, its a pass. Black ain’t bad at all, but when people have options, they get choosey

  4. Lasse says:

    Spraypaint, the stuff everybody knows about but does not see it as an option to color something made out of nylon…

    • Terd Ferg says:

      Thats probably because its not a viable or durable solution to the issue. Additionally adding extra weight and clogging the fabric fibers should be low on your list of things to do today. Spray painting nylon gear is a terrible idea.