TNVC – TM14 Mk2 Now Available


The TM14 Mk2 is a lightweight, low profile mount for the standard issue AN/PVS-14 Night Vision Monocular, designed to allow rapid attach and detach from the Aimpoint Twist Mount Base.


The TM14 Mk2 boasts several new features when compared to the original TM14. An integrated low profile lanyard loop has been added to the Mk2, to allow the user to dummy cord their PVS-14 to their helmet or weapon system. The Mk2 also features an improved angle on the underside ramp which facilitates indexing it onto the Aimpoint Twist Mount Base. The overall weight of the Mk2 has also been decreased by removing material from the underside of the unit. Lastly, the edges around the ring have been reduced with a more pronounced chamfer to make them less sharp.


Available in Black and FDE.



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