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WHO: Brand & Oppenheimer Co., Inc.

Brand & Oppenheimer Co., Inc. is a leading supplier to the textile industry. Based in Red Bank, NJ, B&O has distinguished itself in the past two decades as a leader in textile conversion for the U.S. military. In January 2014 B&O acquired Performance Textiles, Inc. B&O’s Performance Textile Division has operations in Duxbury, MA and Greensboro, NC and produces high performance fabrics engineered for a variety of uses. B&O specializes in providing technical fabrics for market segments that include military, tactical, commercial, parachutes, medical and high-visibility FR workwear.

WHAT: Textile Solutions

B&O provides a comprehensive array of capabilities in the production of quality fabrics. B&O offers a wide range of stock fabrics as well providing unique custom developments. B&O’s product line includes different weights and constructions in Nylon, Polyester, Cotton, Canvas, Acrylics and blended woven and knit fabrics. B&O is proud to offer both Berry compliant fabrics, as well as the ability to source fabrics on a world-wide basis. Their fabrics are used in medical products, fuel cells, aerostats, life jackets, uniforms, bags, backpacks, outer wear, inflatables and much more.

B&O has historically used technology and innovation in the military segment to protect our troops. They have also used patented technology to protect workers subjected to certain employment risks with their high visibility fabric line. Keeping the workforce safe is what they do best. B&O continues to look for growth opportunities to expand their protective fabrics offerings globally to include additional protection for the workforce and new market segments.


WHERE: The World

With headquarters located in Red Bank, NJ and offices in Greensboro, NC and Duxbury, MA the B&O team is comprised of talented, highly respected industry experts focused on innovation and growth. B&O proudly manufactures all of their military fabric domestically while also providing world-wide sourcing capability.

WHEN: 1913

B&O has been offering textile solutions for over 100 years. B&O has proven itself as a leader in the industry through innovation, quality and service. Their customers have come to expect a certain level of excellence that only B&O can provide.


B&O works closely and effectively with greige mills and finishers to provide quality textile solutions. Whatever the end use is B&O is dedicated to producing quality fabrics with a commitment to sustainability and innovation. Considering today’s challenging economic climate B&O is able to meet customer’s needs without hurting their bottom line.

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