Semper Fidelis Health & Wellness – Steve Reichert Charitable Shooting Event

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Last Week, Steve Reichert organized a charitable shooting event for the Semper Fidelis Health & Wellness Organization. Ten combat wounded Marines & Soldiers spent two days and nights on the range, going through the SRT Pistol Employment Course where they practiced skills necessary to employ their pistols under stress from concealed positions both day and night. Medal of Honor Recipient Sgt. Dakota Meyer was also able to break away from his busy schedule to join the group.

The event was sponsored by the following companies and individuals, who donated:

• Heckler & Koch – P30 pistols and a sizable donation to SFHW
• Remington – provided 9mm ammunition
• Strongside Holsters – pistol/mag holsters
• High Speed Gear – dump pouches, belts, and TACO’s
• Trigger Time – hosted the class on their range
• Lloyd Wainscott – captured the event on video
• InForce – APL’s and 6VT lights
• NOLATAC – medical kit

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3 Responses to “Semper Fidelis Health & Wellness – Steve Reichert Charitable Shooting Event”

  1. Steve what a great cause! Hope all went well and I am sure it was rewarding, good stuff!

  2. Elijah Sacra says:

    Thank you for the press SSD.
    Thanks to great Americans like Steve Reichert, Dakota Meyer, and Dave Maynard we are able to continue to empower and educate our nation’s Combat Wounded. We are grateful for the financial and material support delivered by sponsors such as HK USA and others. Over 13,000 of our nation’s wounded, ill, and injured warriors were recently surveyed, and the number one need requested was for training and education to learn how to reduce body fat, improve mental health, improve sleep, reduce pain and decrease dependency on medication. Our programs directly impact those needs by delivering education and training in nutrition and fitness that facilitates the transformation of the mind, body, and spirit and creates change that lasts for a lifetime.
    Semper Fi

  3. Michael Politowicz says:

    The weekend was outstainding and it was the most informative pistol course I have been to combining holistic nutrition and pistol marksmanship. I definitely feel more confident hanlding and accurately firing any pistol i hold in my hands. Thanks Steve and Elijah!!!!!!!