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LBT – Fall Deals


LBT is currently holding a Fall Deals sale. They are offering deep discounts on select products, including the LBT Enhanced Warfighter Load Out Bag, Modular Single Mag Pouch, Standard 3-Day Assault Pack, and more. Additionally, LBT is offering free CONUS shipping! The sale ends in 6 days, and supplies are limited, so take advantage while the sale is still going.


2 Responses to “LBT – Fall Deals”

  1. Ryan says:

    Looked like some incredible deals so as an Aussie thought hey, even a slightly expensive overseas post would still be well worth it for a few items.

    LBT want $198 to ship just the single loud out bag to Australia.

    What a joke. Other suppliers in the US charge approx $40 for such an item.

  2. Chechen says:

    Just Picked up a 3-Day pack; Cant beat that deal for $80. And since im local. Free shipping!!