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A Surprise Package From Combat Flipflops


Yesterday, we received a mysterious ammo box from Combat Flipflops. We opened it up and much to our surprise it contained several very cool items, including:

  • An SSD shemagh
  • A ‘The Gunner’ shemagh
  • A pair of ‘The AR’ Combat Flipflops
  • Several cool stickers
  • A 16oz can of Rainier beer
  • You may recognize a couple of these items from the recent ‘Rock the Cashmagh’ campaign on Vet Launch.

    Major thanks to Combat Flipflops for sending this along to us.



    2 Responses to “A Surprise Package From Combat Flipflops”

    1. Philip says:

      Do I spy Scorpion/OCP/OCP as the backdrop? 🙂