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EpikPanda Morale Patches


EpikPanda is a line of panda-themed morale patches, a few of which are garbed in popular comic character uniforms. Seen above is our personal favorite, the PMC Panda patch, which is heavily inspired by the Q Concepts Boba Fett Crye Precision AirFrame helmet.



4 Responses to “EpikPanda Morale Patches”

  1. stewpidbear says:

    Seriously……what is the point of choosing your country in the check out procedure if you don’t ship outside North America?

    • Hello Stewpidbear, Evike.com offers international shipping. Unfortunately I h have not had the opportunity to add international shipping yet. Brand new business ;(

  2. stewpidbear says:

    What that huge number of……2! While the list has virtually every country on Earth.

  3. dude23 says:

    Aside from US + Canada, Mexico is also in continental North America; there’s over 20 countries in North America when you count the Caribbean and Greenland. Just sayin’