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Salomon Forces – 2015 Catalog

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Forces Catalog

Here’s Salomon’s 2015 catalog for the Forces line in all its glory.


6 Responses to “Salomon Forces – 2015 Catalog”

  1. The One says:

    So no wide sizing……awesome. Next!

    • JT says:

      I completely agree. I have block feet and figured it was definitely coming with this big roll out. Salomon is very progressive so I gotta believe it’s coming soon

  2. Steve says:

    Love these shoes. I have 3 pairs no complaints at all.

  3. Jason says:

    Since these are being marketed to law enforcement and military, does anyone know if the black colors are able to be polished? The pictures make it hard to tell what the surface leather is.

  4. Corbin says:

    I have multiple pairs of salomons, and wear them almost exclusively. I would love to pick up a pair for duty, but we are required to have a polishable toe. Hopefully the next lineup will fix this.