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Green Beret Foundation… Raising awareness At SHOT Show

The United States is emerging from the longest war in its history. It is a war that involved two major fronts in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as other incursions in hot spots around the globe. This war involved millions of veterans, however much of it was fought by a small group of special operators. Even as most U.S. military are coming home, Green Berets are still serving in the dusty villages of Iraq and Afghanistan.  This won’t change.  It’s the life they lead and one that they are very proud of as vanguards of freedom in dark places around the world. 

The Green Beret Foundation provides immediate financial assistance to Green Berets who are injured in the line of duty, to their families, and to the families of their fallen brothers. They also distribute funds to support the extended care an injured Green Beret required in the event the VA is unable or unwilling. The Foundation is focused on the immediate special needs of our wounded and is dedicated to the long term health of the Green Beret Family. 

The Green Beret Foundation is sending a small contingent to “Continue the Fight” and looking not just to raise awareness but to find support from fellow Americans. If you see them stop them, talk to them and work with them. Be sure to visit their website and their Youtube Channel. Here is a short video of one of those attending Shot Show. 


2 Responses to “Green Beret Foundation… Raising awareness At SHOT Show”

  1. Jon says:

    Love the RMJ logos all over that vid, was very fortunate to contribute to RMJ’s outreach through blacksmith intro.

  2. D says:

    Looking good, Rod.