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Extreme Outfitters – Danger Close Deal – Ultimate Sleeping Bundle

Danger Close Deals

Extreme Outfitters is currently offering an “Ultimate Sleeping Bundle”, which consists of the following:

• Black Tactical Assault Systems T1 Sleeping Bag
• OD Green Recon Sleeping Systems SF Bivvi Bag
• Recon Sleeping Systems 72″ Sleeping Pad (color optional)

This bundle is available at a deep discount of 70% off MSRP. Supplies are limited, and the sale ends March 8th, so take advantage while you can.


10 Responses to “Extreme Outfitters – Danger Close Deal – Ultimate Sleeping Bundle”

  1. Smith says:

    Would this be a good 3 season backpacking sleep system? Can’t seem to see much info on the individual pieces.

  2. Dellis says:

    I have this same bag and it’s a very nice bag. I have always been cautious of claiming a bag or tent a “3 season” bag because not all seasons are the same everywhere. For instance here in Texas Spring lasts about a week, then it’s just fricken HOT for months.

    Then we have a nice Fall for about a week then it gets cold…well cold for us Texans anyway!

    So here in Texas this bag makes a nice Fall bag when sheltered in a tent and if it dips low a liner. I am 6’1 and have good room all around.

    Summer you may find yourself sleeping on top the bag here in Texas with a bug net over ya.

    All around great bag and at this price I am tempted to get another….but I just bought a VERTX smock, I bought a Kenai chest holster, some SORD pants, 2 LA Police Gear bags, 2 mags for my CZ and I have 2 Rugby shirts sitting right now in my cart….all in the span of 2 weeks. My wife is upset so I told her….I GOT THEM ON SALE!!

  3. TC LT says:

    Keep the deals coming until my wallet cries “Uncle”. Got my VERTX smock the other day, very impressed with the quality. Looking forward to trying this system out on the AT this summer.

    • Dellis says:


      I ordered the next day of that sale and mine hasn’t even shipped yet!

      • TC LT says:

        Don’t know what to say to that. You’ll be happy with your new smock though!

        • Dellis says:

          I have no doubt about the smock….I am disturbed though now as I have my VERTX reciept but when I check the VERTX website I can’t see any record of my order?!

          I will call them and see what’s up.

  4. Nick says:

    Dang, got excited about the ad-
    The link takes you to another deal for the sleeping bag and a ground pad with no bivvy.

  5. TC LT says:

    Deal is sold out. Got a notification from the customer service rep. Ended up ordering the bag/pad combo, but disappointed. Limited availability is limited.